How to get to a completely different world, while being in Poland – in Stargard, to be exact? By going to OldTown, of course! The world in year 2119, after a global annihilation, will be open for everyone who ever wondered what it’s like, for the first time ever! Weekend at OldTown will be held on July 20-21 at the abandoned Kluczewo airfield.

It’s said the world we know is going to end by 2050… We have been imagining what’s gonna happen then since 2004! OldTown creates a reality in the man-made apocalypse, taking us a hundred years into the future. It’s not just a hopeless, dramatic world though… Among all the dangers, against all the odds, there are some blooming shelters of civilization, bursting with life. Music, dance, shows, sport, art. Just like any other people, those from the 22nd century love fun as well!

The city of OldTown awaits you, full of attractions. The post-apocalyptic Arena will become a catwalk for the models on a show organized by the artistic conglomerate Wasted Couture. You will be able to admire the fire show by the Fire Arrow team from Stargard. Those with strong nerves will enjoy the wrestling gala by polish federation KPW – a show full of adrenaline, one you won’t see anywhere else! You can test your aim at an ASG shooting range. Kalcifer Forge will show you live artistic metalworking. And of course, to top it all, there will be the thing OldTowners like the most – a saturday night party, rolling until the last dancer stays on the dancefloor.

The festival is different from any other one due to monumental scenography, impressive constructions and vehicles modified in the post-apocalyptic style. All of the animators will be dressed in their costumes straight out of Mad Max movies. The attendees are also encouraged to dress up – it’s not necessary, but a costume will let you soak deeper into our atmosphere and take home more beautiful photos! There will also be a possibility to modify your own clothes in place, during crafting workshops – special lessons of adding an artistic distress on the clothing.

The festival has the President Of Stargard as its patron. The President Rafał Zając has already visited OldTown in the years before, he didn’t even hesitate to dress up in the costumes from our storage. The strategic sponsor of the event will be MPGK Stargard, the company which has been supporting us for years. Their support makes it possible to organize our events in a place so far form civilization.

Weekend In OldTown is an exciting alternative for a lazy Saturday and Sunday by the sea. A unique place, one that appears just once a year, will provide fun for people of any age, even those who had never heard about post-apocalypse before. You just need to come to the place and buy a ticket!

The festival site will provide you with:

  • OldTown Arena, which will be the scene of amazing events
  • HOME the Bar – the last bar after the end of the world in which you can get cold beer from Stargard Brewery and other drinks
  • Atomic Cafe, offering ice coffee, tea, lemonades and shakes
  • Foodtruck zone with foods from all over the world
  • Merchant zone with handicracft and fashion
  • The whole town will be filled with additional attractions: ASG shooting range, workshops with the possibility to create your own costumes and jewelry, games for the children
  • The ticket fee also allows the participants to set up a tent on the campsite, with lights, toilets and showers.


Download the programme (Polish only) here!


By purchasing an accreditation, you thereby acknowledge and agreed to be bound by these rules and regulations of Weekend at OldTown.


Don’t be afraid to take your kids with you! We ensure you there will be lots of attractions there for them.


You create handicraft? Play in a band? Sing, dance, tame mutants? Write an e-mail at Weekend at OldTown is a place where everyone can show their talents, even if they are really weird! We encourage especially – but not only – the artists who work in post-apo style!


OldTown Larp 2019 Attendee’s Accreditation gives you the right to participate in the event for free! All the OldTowners are welcome to spend the Weekend with us and enjoy their post-apocalyptic holidays a little longer.

Adults: 35zł

Kids: 15zł

The Weekend at OldTown ticket will be avaliable to buy at the front gate. 

However, accreditations can be bought in #OTShop before the event, or at the portal

Every attendee will receive a wristband which needs to be worn until the end of his/her stay at the Festival.

Lotnisko Kluczewo

Download the map of the festival here!

You will be able to get to Weekend at OldTown by a special bus from Stargard – read the schedule below.

You can also get to our festival by car. You need to take the road via the town Warnice. On the site there will be a designed parking space, with guides and lights.

Saturday, July 20 – since 11:00, until the very morning!
Sunday, July 21 – since 11:00, until 16:00

Join the event!

See you at Weekend in OldTown!

And that’s how OldTown looks during the larp!