OldTown Festival officially finished on Thursday, but the job is not yet done for our #OTCrew. We want to thank you duly for creating this world together with us!

Stargard – oficjalny profil miasta City Government and MPGK for the fruitful cooperation, with hopes for further intertwining of contemporary Stargard with the one a hundred years ahead.

All of our volunteers on the field: the indefatigable Janusz builders, the dedicated Trashers, the fantastic Barmen, the persistent Drivers, the amazing Info Point, the priceless Medics, the rigid Security and the genius NPC Corps, for putting much more energy and heart to the job than your schedules required. You are a part of the team now and can all say you create OldTown!

Faction Coordinators: without you it wouldn’t be possible to run this game! Thank you for gathering people together and helping us organize the fun for them. You mobilize them to accomplishing unbelievable acts. We hope you will come back the next Season of Arrivals, leading strong teams under your banners!

Official Photographers, Film Crew and #OTFocus Guests. For your passion! An information, by the way – we ask for your patience, let’s give the photo authors some time to work in peace. We will try to make sure you don’t miss any materials.

The people who work on OT ‚in the season’ between the edition. For countless working hours spent on preparing everything for this happening. For participation in other Events we co-organize, for meetings at Corps and Craftings, for long voice conferences, thousands of Messenger texts and dozens of phonecalls. We are all in it together!

Artists, who exposed their works and performances on the XIV Edition of our Event. Your creativity will be an inspiration to us all.

And most importantly: You, OldTowners! Remember, every single person who entered the gates of our Town, is a part of our common dream coming true. During this year’s Larp we exceeded 10 000 Facebook likes and 1000 followers at @TrueOldTown Instagram – thank you for this, too. Your daily support gives us lots of strength.

Thank you for the understanding with which you tolerate our fuckups, and for the constructive comments which will help us eliminate those in the future. We will soon publish a survey where you will be able to share your opinions straight with us. And thank you for enjoying your time with reason, honesty and, most importantly – safety.

We hope you came back to your homes with heads full of beautiful memories. May your new acquintances stay close, maybe some of those will develop into hearty friendships or true loves. In order to help you find the familiar faces, we invite you to join OldTown Internationaland OldTown – dyskusje In the meantime – we hope #OTBlues is slowly filling you up. Start missing already. Do something constructive about it. Note your ideas for the next year. We have less than 12 months until the next Larp, hurry up!

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