Summary of OldTown 2016 LARP

14124290_1579128275446614_7395768013163469688_o[Wersja PL] The growing conflict with the Order of the Holy Flame during season of Arrivals was solved by peaceful means. Thanks to numerous negotiations and the final voluntary surrender of Paszek into the hands of the Order prevented the war, and the Order moved back to the city where it took a religious protectorate over Asylum and the greater part of the Czech street. Paszko himself as part of penance had to go on a pilgrimage to Breslau. However, the result of the struggle for peace were changes and upheavals in the town of OldTown. Nearly half of the members of the City Council renounced their membership when Paszko initially refused to bow to the demands of the Order. When he finally did it, the Alkochemists and Lodge of St. Promil left the city. 13925827_1558234157536026_897368695323702000_o



Unfortunately, not all disputes be solved without loss. Growing lawlessness and violence on the Czech street prompted Judge Augustus to reach for weapons of mass destruction. In desperation Augustus fired mini-nuke toward Asylum. The warhead, however, was damaged and did not reach its destination, and the leakage of uranium contaminated part of the street. The judge admitted his guilt and deprived of rights and assets was banished for life from the city.

After last year’s political quarrels Igor retired from active participation in the City Council. Focused on contact with strangers and citizens helped many of them, but never got awarded for it. On the contrary – his daughter Harhama, leader of the Children of the Ashes was brutally killed. But mourning didn’t last long, because after a few hours with the help of Shperacze she again walked down the city.
Despite the continuous failures that are the aftermath of the attack of the Order, the drone system regained much of its efficiency. Working on restoring it to full strength is one of the few remaining in the town Alkochemists, Todd.

13913819_1558235387535903_3507719047432656684_oThanks to the combined forces of all the specialists of OldTown it was established that the so-called Red Mist was an experimental drug substrate for radiation sickness. It was discovered that it had an amazing ability to remove the effects of radiation and treatment of ailments associated with it. Unfortunately, in the case of people with severe mutations, even those who have lost their reason and become ghouls – fog killed them. Fortunately alliance of Flying Caravans and Shperacze managed to find a laboratory in which there were tanks of the fog and disposed of them. Production plant for Red Mist substrates was discovered in marshes and also neutralized. 13937843_1558233620869413_6905731461815511640_o

It remains unexplained why Wakatili place of worship, the sacred tree, turned into a tangle of cables and half living tissue, a combination of plants and machines. Children of Ashes took it as a sign from the gods, a blessing, Wakatili and speak of infection by gray smoke.

It turned out that the sudden destruction and rusting of equipment based on pre-war corporation Schron-Bud technology was the result of activation of protection introduced by the same corporation. A special strain of bacteria, harmless to humans, producing unnecessary metabolites, which led alloys used by shelter-Bud to spontaneously corrode.

Although people managed to discover most of the causes and sources of these anomalies, still it remains a mystery why all of them were activated right now, and at the same time …

Perhaps the only person that could shed some light to this situation was a mysterious individual who first killed a female CAD officer, then publicly executed Tai, a member of Lanterns, and finally threw at the crowd a severed Igor Guardian head. After all he shouted that „they” told him to do it and … swallowed a hot portion of lead from his shotgun. Igor display at that time showed only one chess figure – pawn. Igor asked about these events replied briefly that he must analyze the data. While being only a machine, he seemed very unhappy.

How it all happened and whether this has anything to do with anomalies … no one knows.

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