– Festival – OldTown Larp 2019

– Organizer – person empowered by Association of Simulations and Field Games Organizers Oldtown

– Participant – person who bought an OldTown Larp 2019 accreditation or had a accrediation bought for them,

– procedure of accreditation – process of isssuing an ID to the participant, werification of his permissions, familiarization with regulations and other documents, making declarations and statements

– Exhibitor – person authorized to manage commercial trade/services based on an agreement with organizer

– Mechanics – set of rules for OldTown Larp 2019 Larp


I. Purpose of OldTown Larp 

  1. Popularization of postapocalyptic fantasy in all forms and integration of fans and creators
  2. Popularization and promotion off alternative forms of entertainment such as larps and field games.
  3. Promotion of Stargard Poland and world wide

II. Organizer of OldTown Larp

  1. The organizator is:
    Association of Simulations and Field Games Organizers Oldtown
    NIP: 8542407943
    REGON: 36145569500000
    KRS number: 0000556634
    Adress: 73-110 Stargard, ul. M. Reja 5a / 1 
  2. During 8 – 13.07.2019 the Association office will be placed at OldTown Larp location, in Kluczewo, Stargard, next to main gate in shelter with red sign “office”.

III. Regulations

  1. Regulations are directed to everyone who during the festival will be staying where the Larp takes place. Every person staying at Larp site during the Larp is obliged to apply themselves to these regulations.
  2. Purpose of these regulations is to provide safety of the Larp and participants by defining behavioral rules and rules regarding using the Larp site.


IV. Term and place

  1. OldTown Larp 2019 will take place on 8-13 July 2019.
  2. OldTown Larp 2019 will take place at airfield Kluczewo, Stargard, West Pomerania, Poland. The exact place of festival is marked on website and goes along Warnice Road.
  3. Larp will start at 08:00 am, 8th July 2019 and Larp will end on the last day 13th July 2019 at  16:00 pm.


V. Participation

  1. OldTown Larp 2019, can only be attended by people who turn 18 by 8 July 2019.
  2. All OldTown Larp 2019 participants must be verified by organizers during accreditation procedure.
  3. Participant will receive an ID after being verified with a positive result by an organizer during accreditation procedure. Participant must show proof of purchase of OldTown Larp 2019 accreditation as well as a proof of identity. During accreditation procedure participant is obliged to familiarize themselveshimself with Larp regulations as well as other documents (Game mechanics etc.) and confirm familiarization with a signature. At the same time every participant is obliged to declare lack of medical contradictions to participate in the Larp. When collecting the ID, every participant is obliged to sign an agreement to participate in OldTown Larp 2019 at their own responsibility.
  4. Expressing willingness to participate in the festival means participant declares being aware that at festival site (in designated places) there can be ASG fights, melee fights (according to game mechanics) and mechanical vehicles may move in designated places.
  5. Every participant of OldTown Larp 2019 is obliged to abide by these regulations, fire regulations and other regulations in force at campsites and gamesites, not excluding obligations from law.
  6. Failure to abide to the obligation above can’t be basis to eventual claims relative to OldTown Larp 2019 organizers.
  7. People not complying to regulations and other attached documents might be removed from OldTown Larp 2019 site without accreditation and other possible costs refund.
  8. Every participant pays for insurance on their own.
  9. Participant confirms they participates in OldTown Larp 2019 at their own responsibility and bears the risks associated, acknowledging that participating in the festival may include physical effort, tough household conditions, noise, moisture etc. and entails natural risk and danger of accidents, possible body damage and injuries (including death) as well as property damage and loss.
  10. OldTown Larp 2019 larp participant is obliged to have:
    1. eye protection (2J reistance minimum – net equipment disallowed),
    2. yellow reflective vest,
    3. larp cosplay kept in Larp’s convention.
  1. These items might be tried in terms of safety by organizers before the game starts.
  2. Participants may not go outside the terrain indicated by organizers.
  3. Participants enter/climb buildings/constructions at Larp site at their own risk. The same applies to climbing trees etc.

VI. Accreditations

  1. Accreditation purchase term for OldTown Larp 2019 passess at 23.06.2019. or after the limit is reached. After 23.06.2019 requests won’t be accepted regardless of the limit.
  2. Organizers may extend accreditation purchase term.
  3. Purchase of accreditation is seen as application to participate in OldTown Larp 2019.
  4. Organizer sets the participant limit at 950 people.
  5. Accreditation purchase is carried out on the website www.oldtownfestival.net according to sales regulations.
  6. Application is providing (by email) a filled in application form and accreditation payment on organizers bank account.
  7. To take part in OldTown Larp 2019 every participant will have to be positively verified during accreditation procedure mentioned earlier in these regulations.
  8. Payment made is not subject to a refund or transfer to next year festival. Accreditation cannot be transfered to another participant without a organizer permisson. Everyone participating in the festival on someone else’s accreditation will be asked to leave the site.

VII. Order regulations, obligations

  1. Only people with a valid and signed ID, visibly displayed are allowed at OldTown Larp 2019 site. In case of loss or destruction of ID participant is obliged to immedietely report to organizers.
  2. Since moment of arrival to festival site to moment of festival finale each particpant takes full legal and financial responsibility for his actions.
  3. Organizer does not take responsibility for any participant’s property lost, destroyed, stolen or dmaged during the festival.
  4. At festival site there will be a point of emergency medical assistance, hosted by persons who have first aid training. People suffering from chronic diseases, allergies etc. are obliged to have their own medicine and information concerning their health, sickness or difficulties in treatment.
  5. At OldTown Larp 2019 site possession and use of illegal drugs and psychoactive substances is strictly forbidden. Same applies to designer drugs.
  6. People intoxicated or showing agressive behavior or making hazard to health and life of other participants may be removed from the festival site.
  7. OldTown Larp 2019 participants are obliged to keep the site clean and tidy, especially the campsites.
  8. Smoking tobbaco and lighting open fires may take place only in places predestined for that by organizers, while keeping fire safety. In case of a fire hazard announced by organizers lighting fires is forbidden.
  9. All safety, ordinal or organization breaches of safety should be immedietely reported to organizers.

VIII. Organizer privileges

  1. At OldTown Larp 2019 organizer represantatives and security law enforcement staff will be constantly on site.
  2. Larp participants as well as any other people at festival site are obliged to utterly follow organizers’ and security stafflaw enforcment’s orders as well as organizer’s’ communiques. Refusing to comply to these orders and communiques may only be based on it’s contradiction with the law.
  3. Organizer provides safety and order to people present at OldTown Larp 2019 by (among others):
    1. ensuring the presence of law enforcement wearing distinctive outfits,
    2. ensuring medical help mentioned above.
  4. Law enforcement is entitled to:
    1. checking the permission to be at the festival,
    2. checking identity documents,
    3. viewing the contents of bags, clothes etc. in case of suspicion of bringing or possessing dangerous items,
    4. issuing command orders to people disturbing the order or acting contrary to the regulations, and in case of not complying, asking to leave the festival,
    5. using physical force in form of overpowering grips and other similar techniques of defence in case of danger to protected property or repulsing attacks directed at law enforcement member or other participants, under the terms of Persons and Property Protection Act of August 22, 1997. (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, No. 114, item 740, as amended) (Dz. U. Nr 114, poz. 740, z późn. zm.),
    6. holding, in order to promptly turn over to the police, any people creating imminent threat to human life or health as well as protected property.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to set and change course of the festival for explained reasons such as cancellation of arrival by the artist, higher power, bad weather conditions etc.  and furthermore the right to set and change the programme in artistic and time terms without earlier consultation and recompense.

IX. Dangerous items

  1. Participants are forbidden to bring weapons or other dangerous items to the festival site (bows, crossbows, slingshots etc.) and explosives and pyrotechnics without official organizers’ permission. Permission does not mean that organizers take responsibilitie for results of usage of these items.
  2. All pyrotechnics at festival site are to be registered and controlled by organizers. Participant possessing or using these is obliged to follow producer’s instructions and apply to follow fire safety regulations.
  3. It is forbidden to use devices such as a megaphone for entertainment – those are used only for organization and informative purposes.


  1. During OldTown Larp 2019 at site set by organizers a larp will take place.
  2. During the larp it is required to use caution and it is forbidden to go to terrain set by organizers as excluded from the game.
  3. At sites set for ASG fights there is absolute precept to wear safety goggles.
  4. At sites not set for this (OFF-ASG) there is absolute ban from shooting ASG and using pyrotechnics.
  5. During the larp players must abide rules of the Mechanics.
  6. By taking part in the larp participant impliedly says, he knows the risk related to the larp.

XI. Vehicles

  1. At sites set by organizers mechanical vehicles may move.
  2. Every mechanical vehicle entering festival site must be registered by organizers.
  3. Verification of the vehicle involves among other things showing the person responsible for it if the owner is not present.
  4. Every verified vehicle gets a sticker from the organizers confirming the registration,  which has to be sticked in a visible place on the vehicle during the whole festival.
  5. Moving around in unregistered vehicles at festival site is strictly prohibited.
  6. During the festival driving vehicles when intoxicated by alcohol or other psychoactive substances is strictly prohibited.
  7. For damages done by mechanical vehicles responsibility is taken exclusively by the owner or person responsible for the vehicle mentioned above. 

XII. Trade

  1. At sites set by the organizers it will be possible to run a business based on selling food, drinks, including alcohol and other wares by exhibitors. Trade (unrelated to game plot) is possible only when allowed by organizer based on agreements signed by organizer with exhibitors.
  2. At festival site selling alcohol to the intoxicated is forbidden.
  3. It is forbidden to run a business (unrelated to game plot) or any other trade activity without approval from the organizers.
  4. Using the festival as an occasion for promotional campaign or spreading any advertising materials requires approval from the organizers.

XIII. Final provisions

  1. Regulations are available at www.oldtownfestival.net and in the event brochure
  2. Inseperable element of the regulations is a set of behavior rules in form of OldTown Larp 2019 Game Mechanics.
  3. By accepting these regulations particpant agrees for publication his photos and alias at the official festival website and advertising materials.
  4. In all affairs not included in these regulations as well as in terms of disputing contentious issues decisive verdict belongs to an organizer, whose decision is irreversible.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the regulations after publicizing it, about which they’rehe’s obliged to immediately inform at festival webiste and in used means of communication (Facebook etc.).
  6. Interpretation of these regulations belongs to the organizer.