The Boars

The Boars are like avalanche; unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Group of refugees coming from far east, yet many have joined along the way, sharing one common goal: to find place they can call home in this destroyed world.
If ya want, stay a while and listen, ’bout the places we’ve been. Stories about vast steppes of central Asia, the great sea of grass, where descendants of old Cosmodromme joined us, about harsh beauty of Caucasus. Stories about two long years spent in labour camp or about daring escape, which was made possible by our newfound allies – the covenant of blue rose.
Look around and see our motley crew: Sage from the East, engineers, scavvers, constructors even ecologists or real princess. We are here, during season of arrivals, simply because we have no other alternative. There’s no other place we can go, nor haven we can return to, and Old Town seems to be perfect place to rest awhile, and consider next steps. With everything taken back from slavers, Boars set their camp at the fringe of town, open for contact with others. Someone is threatening you? We’ve got your back. There’s problem with flushing your shit? We have people for that. Your crops are withering and you know nothing? Come to us. If you are face deep in mud, BE LIKE A BOAR, PUSH THAT MUD FORWARD WITH YOUR SNOUT! We’re group of many talents, and at your disposal, for a few caps that is. But remember one thing: mess with Boar and you’ll get on tusks.