Spartan Commando


What? Spartan Commando? Suuure, I know all about’em! Sit down, take out your bottle, let’s talk! Okay, I lied, I don’t know shit about them. I mean, I do know what everybody else knows – that they are rich eccentrics, they have the caps, that they do business on a large scale, no time wastin’ on small fish. But that’s just scraps, nothing specific. But ask anyone what are their goals, what is it that they actually DO, and you’ll get answers like, weeell, they lay in their chairs and drink beer, or they go buying furniture in the bar, n’shit. And you know what? That’s not a lie, it’s what they actually do when they come to OldTown. But they come here for vacation. And where does the money come from? The fancy clothes, the drinks the pre-war like beer! And the chocolate! Did you know that their lady doctor has chocolate! I don’t know where from! Even Flying Caravans don’t have chocolate! You won’t get anything from them personally either, you cannot join their ranks just like that. I mean, you can come for a beer and chat, if you wipe your feet and don’t stink too bad. I’m sure you won’t regret it. But you’ll still be a dirty peasant compared to them. Besides, they are not your everyday organization like BoB or some other Flame Order, or something. It’s more of a gentleman’s club, smokes, cigars, good booze. Oh, and boxing! They organize the Price Fighters tournament, you know, regular boxing with pre-war rules and everything. They may just lay in their chairs, but when they do get up, they do put some verve in it! Oh, important thing. They like to plot. Just for sport, politics is fun and games to them. And where caps and politics mix, there is no place for common people… Oh well, here is your empty bottle. You got one more, right? It’s better if you do, cuz’ I find it hard to make stuff up with no booze.