Welcome, Strangers!


Did you know? Once upon a time there was a huge city. And a forest nearby. A really big one. Thanks to numerous signs and preserved maps we know that it was called the Kampinos Forest. Now it is our Home, our refugee. Most of us has come here. Some long ago, some recently. Some has come by an accident, some by a purpose. Many youngers have been born here. Now, after many years, we are Smokers. We are the community of individuals. Many secrets. Many peculiar stories are kept by swamps and bushes of the Forest. We are bound by these secrets. The Forest is bonding us, we know the Forest and it supports us, protects us. It we explore, in it we hunt. And search. And the Smoke binds us, our power, our weapon against savages and all evil. Because savages we are not, oh no! At most we adopt their lifestyle. Not all of us. Some. But we are civilized men. As much as you can be civilized in these sick times. But we know the power of black powder and petrol. Especially when you set fire to them.


For years we have been listening about a distant place in the northwest. About the Season of Arrivals. About possibilities and chances. We have sent scouts. We are going to be there this year again. Meet us. We welcome you at our fires. We welcome you in our smoke.