Rotn - Rusty Outback Trading Nomads


ROTN is the abreviation for Rusty Outback Trading Nomads : A firsttime Oldtown newbies : A small group of 9 men and women : They are a group of traders/sellers/junkers, They are a bunch of people bound by fate and practical reasons as travellers on their way to Oldtown, Some of them old enough to have witnessed the apocalypse, some born in the aftermath, some allready together when they started to roam the lands in search of a safe(r)haven, others joined their group by twists of the fate or for practical reasons. Some of them thrive when in group, others are loners. They will offer some services or goods to obtain what they need. They are peaceful, seeking no active conflict howerever doing what must be done to bring food to the table or caps in the bag. They just want to settle down and survive and thrive in Oldtown. They want to help Oldtown bloom. They want to be your friend, they welcome everyone! Got something to sell or trade ? You found just the right place, do them a favour and they would be glad to return it, Want to explore the wastelands together, or have a drink? Just drop by! They will welcome you warmhearted! But don’t think them for a bunch of do-gooders, They will fight for their lives and and their possessions when the situation demands it.

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