Motorcykles – each of them different, with own souls and owner, who loves it like a member of his family. Smell of gasoline is like a drug for them, they inhale it willingly on daily basis during ever so frequent trips to wastes, smell they cannot live without. Destruction of property, bar fights, parties and all that gives you this adrenaline rush. Those are the foundations for the Rad Ratz gang to build on. Bunch of witty guys and tough chicks on the motorcycles. They live they lives separately, spread over the wastes, but when they met  it is better to run or give them some booze – only then there is a chance you will live long enough to know them better and even befriend. Rad Ratz may be badasses to the bones but still there is no better companions to party and wreaking havoc. But do not dare to conspire and report to authorities. They will find you even if you flee to Indochina. Wherever it may be. Before you know someone wearing gang coat will jump from that cup of rice you are holing and slay you with his bare hands.

What Rad Ratz do? Well there is plenty. They own a workshop, what is obvious. Every machine breaks from time to time and requires repairs but if you are not some backward hillbilly that is easier to rob than serve, they will help you out with your stuff, for a price of course. If you are a globetrotter yourself you may consider Rad Ratz as your prime choice to protect a caravan as they are experts in scouting. Of course they will understand if you don’t pick them, but on the other hand sound of motor engine could be the last you hear in the wastes right? And of course there is entertainment. Illegal business or some gambling? No problem. Ratz will get you anything your hearts desires. For a price.

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