Paleciarze (Pallets-guys)


Paleciarze (red. name comes from huge fortes made from pallets) who are they? They don’t have any particular code or profile like most of other Oldtown factions. One day they appeared and stayed, from one year to another building most awesome fort ever. You can recognize them quite simple as they are dirty, vulgar, smelly and mostly drunk  – even for Oldtown standards – trying to scare you off with war faces or rude laughter. For people who are individualists to the core, who bunched up together because no sane factions will take them, they have insanely huge ego. If you manage to get to know them better all becomes clear, each one of them is an expert of some sort and in their given field they will burst their vain open to give his or her best. They military proves is sort of a legend, probably because they are constantly under the blessing of Holy Palette, their deity, which they depicted on their standards.  Nowhere else you will find so much cursing hand to hand with atmosphere of freedom where you can count on one other to cover your ass. They are equal but for political purposes they elected a leader, guy named Shovel, so the rest can go and shoot some stuff.

So who is Paleciarz? Well the word should be self-defining by now.