There you go. This filthy aberration of Mother Nature won’t harm these Bhramins of yours anymore. You’ve never seen something like that? Few thou hast seen, laddie. That’s the finest business of ours, you ought to greet us for being near. No need for further explanation. I keep hearing: „who’s to greet, who’s to thank”? These numbers here, on my power amour, the three, zero and three, you ought to remember! Outcasts? Brother-in-law has mentioned? I see. Your lack of information can be explained easily, we’ve never been so far up north. But we’re still flabbergasted, our fame is conquering the Wasteland.

Where did we come from? Let me reach for the beloved Chronicle of ours… Oh, you can’t read. Well, everyone copes differently. You don’t have to convince me then, gonna tell the shorter one.
Far, far away, in dearly departed Lubuskie, there were the finest and sweetest Vault that mankind ever created. We were the inhabitants of this Vault. The state-of-art engineers, mechanics, biotechnologists – the mutant-murderer crew. All the flawless pre-war technology pointed in incisive direction: to wipe out every mutated aberration of nature. In every way, in every shape, in every body.

Once there was a time for us to abandon the sweet-lovin place of ours. Well, but you can leave the Vault, but the Vault cannot leave you. Why is that? Don’t you dare to ask!

We moved ahead, right on the filthy wasteland. Wherever we go, we always end up in the same way – by firing the victory victory out of mutation’s cinders.

It was the year of 2114 when we realised that one does not simply make a living out of mutant’s dead bodies. People like simple solutions – fighting mutation is not that easy. At that time we saved Oldtown from the danger of bloody red-eyed zombies, and laddie, don’t you dare to say otherwise.

We needed a moment to respite. So we settled there.
And ended up with a fine camp.

The sore thoughts came upon us and we understood. The Vault was lovely. So was Oldtown, but none of these places won’t bring us the sights and delights of former life. But this does not mean that we cannot be the inheritors of its legacy. And I’m not talking about setting up a fire with books, you barbarian! Instead of chasing mutants we began to seek, gather, explore and examine all this knowledge and technology left by those who came before us. Or those who failed to get out in time from the Vault.

Vault again? That’s the perfect place to look for tube amps or microchips. Laddie, Vaults are literally the mines of high-quality szpej. If you know how to get in there. And we do. We are going to one of them. Come if you want to ask about something else.

And for the compaction of this Muttie there will be 50 caps