Ordo Amarante Hakkapelitta


Post sauna semper locus”

(There is always room behind the sauna)

It’s a holiday! The Finnish (and somewhat Swedish) lords and ladies of the Ordo Amarante Hakkapelitta order hail from the northern Vault 88, Berghemmet city, located in old Sweden, an immense complex of 3000 or so-residents at its opening. The social experiment: A medieval monarchy.

Clad in power armor when out and about and in tricorn hats and a grin when relaxing, the Amarante Knights visit OldTown seemingly for what the nobles call “an exciting holiday with hunting opportunities, interesting people, and best of all, they want bottle caps for money.”

Come and chat, find out about the mystery of Sauna, discover the wonders of IKEA Yoga and join us on a safari to hunt big game!

-Cornet Wilhelm “Flygande” Fisktup, Count of Mora, under the rule of her Grace The Eminent, the Queen of the Empire of Berghemmet, Empress Christina The Second