Order of The Holy Flame


„The flame is eternal, It takes and gives life
It destroyed the old, rotten world
Anyone who opposes the will of the Order – opposes The Flame
Anyone who opposes The Flame – shall die”

From the ashes of the old world; on fertile soil of cinder, grew the Order of the Holy Flame. To protect humanity – protect it from itself. To educate and to detain technology responsible for civilizations past mistakes. To destroy anyone who would dare to release the force of the Flame once again. Chaos, which ensued after the destruction of the world, could be subjugated only by a display of raw force. It was not easy, for all the old rules became obsolete, giving way to a new and grotesque customs. To prevail and push farther, the Order offered its own set of rules, the commandments and the beliefs. Holy truth preaches mercy …But it also preaches ruthlessness. It is the duty of every Zealot to punish those who seek re-awakening of the Flame; to purify at the stake all heretics and infidels.

Through leaders’ of the Order iron hand, as well as persistence, aided with extremely strict rules, Poland’s south arose from its knees. Fanaticism and zeal of new faith caused a rapid and brutal expansion of the Orders of the Holy Flame Protectorate. Cohorts quickly subjugated encountered bandits, local warlords and those for which the Plame had not foreseen place in the new world. Those who wake from illusion and adopt the faith in the Holy Flame,; those who understand that the next manifestation of the destructive power will be the last; those shall be aided by the protectorate. They will become part of a better order, and be given the opportunity to prove their worth before the Flame. Woe to those who harm the pious and the devout, for they shall suffer the unstoppable fury of the Order. Zealots of the Holy Flame will never ignore heresy, nor will they forget those who wronged them, nor abandon their brothers and sisters, they shall never leave the dead unavenged.