End of the world don’t have to mean we should revert to barbarism. We struggle brutal post-apocalyptic reality but still we are able to spark a feeling of delight in ourselves. Delight over a painting that is merely an echo of time long gone, over a dusty volume carrying word of joy that brings a moment of tranquility. Delight over art. Lanterns are the ones to deliver those goods. They are men and women from only wasteland faction that deals in supplying art. You can find them in most unusual places looking for odd stuff. If you find something form the art department and you don’t know what to do with it, just go and ask them. However art is not the end of it. Faction is well known as active, well informed and organized, moreover they are always willing to help. making your plans and ideas come true. Need battle worn veterans to fight or explore? Lanterns can provide. Need a voice of reason or consultant of any sort, there is good chance Lanterns will deliver. They also have a vast body of specialists that served whole community more than once. No one is really surprised seeing members of Lanterns on the front line fighting any crisis that befalls Oldtown, running to aid local medics or serving as detectives for the local authorities. There hardly is a faction that benefited more for the common good than those “simple” art merchants.