Group of Independent People


„Apocalypse apart from death and starvation brought about one thing – a lack of equality. At every step you can easily notice the division into social classes, in which one has a lot of the other nothing.
The year 2114 was unique – a group of individuals under the banner hidcommunism decided to unite and work together. All of them didn’t have much, but many little result much. And certainly a lot to share.
Acting for the benefit of the group has become their main goal. In the city you can meet them at every step, but they don’t follow the beaten track, and the lack of formal structure means that anyone cares as much about the others life as for her own. They like to travel across the Wasteland – particularly they’re fond of trips to Lenino.
Their headquarters – LeViatan – perfectly illustrates the composition of the group. Made of different materials with different density and strength, seemingly has no right to exist, especially  for a long time, but such composition makes it unique and stable, like a ship sailing on the ocean of dreams. ”

~ Memories of Snufkin, Volume III