Flying Caravans


So you see, on the legal side Flying Carvans is the most common merchant faction of them all. They sell, buy, fix and call they leader Don, but it is merly because they like Coppola movies of old times. However it is not the whole truth. Beyond the legal facade there is some half formal structure that can be simply describe as Family and it is the reason why they threat each other like brothers and sisters and call leader Uncle. If you mess up with one of them you mess with all of them. Main revenue of bottlecaps for them is of course commerce, but believe me if there is anything than can give profit, legal or illegal, they already tried it and, if it was good monopolized it. To prove it, just look at them, for those elegant outfits they must have spent a little fortune and each and every one of them wears a suit. It is all about style and prestige – the more power you have the more fancy you look. Even they lowest is dressed up better than you ever be. You like what you see? No surprise it is cool to be rich and powerfull. But just you know, they won’t accept dumb heads who can’t tell rifle from pitchfork. No matter what will you do: bodyguarding, trading or cleaning toiletsthe most important is what you have under your skull. It is no Sunday church club either, Family requires dedication, every time of day in any circumstances. No days off, sorry. And if you haven’t got that by far, there is “in” but no “out” with the Family, unless legs first. Capisci?

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