Chosen of Lemminkäinen


Chosen of Lemminkäinen are bunch of Finnish Vault Dwellers from Vault 84. They claim that they have lived before the bombs fell, thanks to the advanced cryo-technology of their Vault. However, many of them are reluctant to speak about their past… But every wastelander has their own secrets. They also claim that they are finest construction and demolition specialists and exterminators in the wasteland and they take every opportunity to prove it. They take a great pleasure turning their skill and foolhardiness to caps. Your encampment needs fixing? No problem. Beehive in your watchtower? No problem. Mutants are constantly raiding your storages? No problem! If the price is right, these guys handle it! Someone could say that their methods are rude, or even questionable, but hey, they get the shit done. And that is what matters, right?