Children of Ashes


Children of Ashes arrived to OldTown three years ago, travelling on foot from the frozen wastelands of the former Finland to follow a prophecy of salvation in the southern lands. For the shamanistic hunter-gatherers, the prophecy materialized in the form of OldTown and its AI leader, Igor, who provided the tribe with a safe new home and sanctuary. Children of Ashes are an animistic sect who base their beliefs on old Finnish folk religion, worshipping the manifestations and spirits of nature: most of the members are named (and behave) based on their inner animal deities. However, settled within OldTown, the tribe’s beliefs have started to include the spirits of technology and electricity, apparent in the garbs, decorations, and rituals of the Children. In OldTown, tribe has flourished, effortlessly combining their ways of nature with the technology oriented factions of the town. Lately the seemingly carefree and joyous tribe has started to show a darker and more erratic side in their behaviour as well as in their appearances. Some members of the tribe have gone their own way and left the tribe as things have become stranger. Many people have been led to the tribe’s camp never to return and some nights strange and fearsome rituals are taking place on their side of OldTown.