Nuclear fire consumed almost everything – yet, happily, formula for synthesis of the best, clearest, purest ethanol has survived. What’s even better – it has been found! The gap for mass production of a quality alcohol has been filled by the Alcochemists – and as you hear about them, words like chemistry and alcohol inevitably come to Your mind.


Alcochemists found their roots in Postnań – once a thriving city of half a million souls, centre for trade and industry. Now just a sea of ruins. All began there, at the eve of 22nd century – from a small distillery and more than humble caravan, to a well-functioning trade and manufacturing faction. When in 2112 <Taksiarze>, lords of Postnań at that point, left the city, Alcochemists took their mantle. Since then, they are constantly improving their mark, upgrading headquarters and expanding trade network in radius of hundreds of kilometers.


Alcochemists appeared in OldTown in 2111, with as humble start as once in Postnań – with a tiny market stand and limited selection of their wares – yet, they always set quality over quantity. Successful in their enterprise, they raised in 2114 a permanent post, a place to trade, talk and drink. With their extensive knowledge in chemistry and pharmacy, and also superior laboratory equipment, they are currently a leading force on the local market. Through the years Alcochemists also became involved as a voice in the Town Council, at some point even hosting Council meetings at their base. They had a significant influence on the fate of town, sharing their knowledge, skills and – more than once – wealth, building unity and fortune of the OldTown itself.


However, a conflict with the Order of the Holy Flame and its allies in 2116 caused Alcochemists to turn their focus towards other goals. With their well-developed infrastructure and massive supplies, they have decided to widen their offer with some touristic and recreational services. Since then, they have been hosts at Łyżkon, providing holiday and leisure services.


Their post in OldTown had its crew reduced between <Pora Przybyszów>, however in 2117 Alcochemists are returning. As always, they are ready and open for any business and cooperation opportunities, however you can no longer expect the same level of altruistic approach as you probably grew used to.