Children of a Thousand Suns


„I am the guardian of the secret Faith – the old, powerful religion forgotten by most. I am the one that God and the Angels bestowed with the ability to see visions. Visions of the things that were, things that are and some things that have not yet come to pass. For I am one of the White-Eyed, who lead their people through the steppes while expecting the coming of the Kingdom of God and the eternal Happiness.”

„You ask what we do to survive? Our herds are countless and the steppes of the east are great enough for them to feed. And me? I am one of the hunters. We hunt, we do scouting expeditions taking days, we make sure that our paths are safe. Our tribe is still on the move after all… Sometimes we gain useful information or bring something valuable. By the way, did I tell you how we robbed a supermarket recently?”

„You ask me why do I need my armour in the midst of the steppes? You should not have asked. I am the righteous anger of the Lord, one of the Exorcists. We are peaceful, but if evil dwells in someone… Well, then you better simply don’t stand in our way.”

The Children of a Thousand Suns are a nomad tribe of the steppes, who used to live in the east not so long ago with countless herds of brahmins. Shortly after the war they recognized that the the prophecy of St. John described in Revelation is coming true. All the signs in the heavens and the earth perfectly correspond to those described in the Apocalypse. They are Christians, although their faith and rituals are far more primitive and tribal than the ones known before the war. In theory they are a multiethnic and multicultural mix of people specialized in different tasks. They lived their peaceful life until year 2116…

The problems began after the arrival of the first messengers of the Children of a Thousand Suns to Old Town in 2116. A Great Disaster, that happened to them just after the Time of Travellers forced the remaining tribe members to find the other survivors who were now scattered among the steppes. They also needed to look for two things – a new, temporary home, and above all – to find people responsible for the attack. Whether they wanted or not – they had to appear in Old Town again in the year 2117…

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