OldTown Pubbing #11!


We honestly hope that nuclear winter doesn’t bother you too much and that your shelters are filled with supplies. We just got a message from Trappers messenger. As it appears, barter and information exchange halted in this unfriendly season. Inhabitants of the wasteland, craving for a good party are getting restless and aggressive due to spreading disease of OldTown blues. So we decided to act! We have sent our best troops and they have organised for you next edition of OldTown Pubbing!

Doesn’t matter if you are veteran that worn out dozen pairs of shoes on the wasteland, or if you have opened your shelter for the first time, planning first journey to arrival time for supplies. We invite you to series of meetings with OldTown, with beer and great company. February 24th, for the eleventh time, we will meet at Pubbing, where you can encounter experienced oldtowners, ask all dumb and clever questions or find your crew to tag along to this Biggest European Postapocaliptic LARP – OldTown 2018. We will see you in:

Szczecin: FB event
Gdańsk: FB event
Kraków: FB event
Warszawa: FB event
Toruń: FB event
Wrocław: FB event
Finland – Turku: FB event
Finland – Helsinki: FB event
Izrael – Tel Aviv: FB event
Germany – Chemnitz: FB event

Stay up to date with events closest to you for news. More cities soon…

See you there!

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