OldTown 2017- Thank yous


We’ve been working hard for the whole year, in our spare time, to make this Festival. For the last two weeks the scale of our labour escalated to the absolute maxium. The eleven main Orgs: Ernest ‚Prezes’ Warych, who holds it all in his strong and loving hands; Kaja Długosz, a comet, who can deal with any fuckup; Szymon ‚Szyna’ Ulenberg, chief storyteller, larp mastermind; Dariusz ‚Ivan’ Hałas, the indestructible construction manager; Bartłomiej ‚Waupszas’ Zajczewski, always on the watchout; Wojciech ‘Wilku’ Cysdorf, Crafting Team leader and the larp master as Archibald Van Wolff; Maciej ‘Szynszyl’ Grenda, working for the larp and festival attractions; Magdalena ‘Lev’ Młynarczyk, carefully taking care of our documents and office and telling everyone to mark their excel cells with colors; Paulina Roszak, perfectly looking over finances; and Małgorzata ‘Gyshka’ Kowcun, Promo leader, and her mentor Adam Waliszewski.

A numerous and strong group of the people in red and orange t-shirts, all of whom amazingly professionally dealt with their chores: Michał ‘Puzon’ Blaumann, Aleksandra ‘Sikora’ Blaumann-Sikorska, Paweł ‘Bono’ Boniczewki, Wojciech ‘Jos’ Cichy, Aleksandra ‘Eza’ Cysdorf, Agnieszka ‘Myszak’ Dobrzycka, Mateusz ‘Dżizas’ Dziergacz, Dexter Freliga, Jakub ‘Gibek’ Gibowski, Ida-Emilia Kaukonen, Maciej ‘Duch’ Kowalski, Hanna ‘Mrówka’ Kużdżał, Przemysław ‘Smerf’ Lachowicz, Damian ‘Cień’ Matejko, Mateusz ‘Mozart’ Mazurowski, Bartosz ‘Mopek’ Mysiewicz, Michał ‘Havoc’ Niespodziewany, Michał ‘Radi’ Rukasz, Adriana Siess, Grzegorz ‘Monk’ Soczyński, Wioletta ‘Viola’ Sychowska, Jagoda ‘Jagutka’ Warych, Adam ‘Jeff’ Wiśniowski and Iga Zalewska.

Just as the Red Room is the brain and the Green Room the heart of OT, the whole bloodstream is Smerf and his great helpers. Without you we’d be scratching our backsides in darkenss and silence! Thank you!

Big thanks to Stargard – oficjalny profil miasta, MPGK and all the other partners and sponsors, as well as representants of media who visited us, including: TVN24, Polsat i Polsat News, TVP, TVP3 Szczecin, Radio Szczecin, Radio Zet, Radio Stargard, Tok.FM, Radio Wawa, Onet.pl, PAP.pl, Gazeta Wyborcza, Głos Szczeciński, grupa naszemiasto.pl and Szczecin Blog.

Additionally, huge thank-yous go to our wonderful Janusz Builders and Trashers, the Gastro, Photographers (full time and Focus guests), Karate Film Studio, NPC Corps, Crafting Staff, Graphics Group, Translation Team, Copywriters, Pubbing Organizers, International Ambassadors, Paweł ‚Lipton’ Iwanina from Oldtown FM, Office Helpers, Drivers, Medics, Security, Barmen, Announcers, GreenRoom and Accreditation workers, Faction Coordinators and everyone else, without whom OldTown wouldn’t be possible!

We also thank the musicians from Lux PerpetuaV2A and Scylla, who provided us with their shows and made the Festival a great joy; as well as Wasted Couture for their hours of workshops and sponsored gadgets. We thank the artists who exhibited and performed at The Prism, the Wasteland Dancers from Junktown, and the dancers’ group Medeina. An enormous salute goes to KPW Wrestling, who waited patiently until the rain stops, to give us an amazing performance in the middle of the night.

Separate thanks go to the group who participated in the Charity Caravan for Kuba i kropek – walka z guzem mózgu. You are beautiful people!

And last, but not least- we thank you, the Attendees, who came to live inside this amazing experience OldTown Festival 2017 was. You trusted us with a week, some for half a month, of their holiday, to move to a dirty, empty wasteland, a whole age in the future, to either get burned by the Solar Terror or drown in heavy rains, to stay awake at nights and share your wonderful energy. You are the best Attendees an Org can have!

We appreciate especially you, the guests from abroad, who went hundreds and thousands of miles to come to Stargard. You are a huge inspiration for us!

Summed up, over 1000 people experienced the post-apocalpse this year!

We don’t know the date of the next edition yet, but we can’t wait for OldTown 2018 already. And in the meantime, to cure your #otblues, you can join the groups: fb.com/groups/OldTownInternational and fb.com/groups/OldTownDyskusje, to find your new friends more easily!

And once more- thank you!

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