What’s the NPC Corps?

Right in front of you there’s amazing opportunity to join NPC Corps. „What the hell is that” you might ask – well, here we go with answer!
NPC Corps are the people whose talents and devotion turns OldTown and Wasteland into places so lovely to play!
Corps members casts themselves into range of different characters – from simple raiders and mutants, merchants and informers, to rich men of Wastelands.
Every morning we meet together to talk about plans and coordinate actions, group of coordinators called NPC Overlords takes care of flawless work.
Sounds good, but from the beginning you’d like to involve in smaller part? No problem!
Let’s say, you wanna take some break from your character – when your mates left you alone going somewhere or simply your character is currently dead. Then contact us and get into our welcoming arms, we’ll give you the most suitable role and here we go again – you’re back on game with brand new character. Hopefully, you gonna love this and stay longer with NPC Corps ;-)



Any further questions? Contact us npc@oldtownfestival.net

NPC’s (Non Playable Characters) on OldTown game are the people who play side characters, helpful in plot fluency such as enemies for players and extras. Their aim is to improve the game by creating an realistic illusion of postapocaliptic world.

How does NPC work?

NPC character is set by plot managers, who know better who and where would be needed. NPC gets instructions of its behaviour, goals, sometimes even the gaming style. These rules are different for different NPC’s – Wasteland thug needs less complicated instructions than unique NPC necessary for plot. After instructions, NPC gets into game world and plays his character just like normal player, basing on instructions of plot managers and stick to their rules.

NPC structure on OldTown – has a few parts.

*) NPC Overlord (8-10 people)

Is the person who harmonizes actions of other NPC and keeps in contact with plot managers. Their job is to manage actions of small groups of NPC’s and gathering them on time. It’s a very important and responsible task – and real pain in the ass, we have to admit it!

*) Quest line leading characters (3-4 people)

People playing that kind of roles face the real deal. Highly detailed characters, with wide possibility of spontaneous acting. Characters with strong impact on the game plot, so they are played by the best of the best of the NPC players.

*) Side characters – like most of Ramat members, city guards.

*) Side characters important enough to give them wider possibility of actions and more detailed stories. Nevertheless, they have relatively smaller impact on plot, so that kind of roles is not too absorbing. Generally, they listen to NPC Overlord.

*) Small improvised roles

„Fast spawn” style characters. This kind of characters show up whenever game needs quick appearance of side character. Generally, it’s not kind of disturbing roles, but might happen that episodical at first role could grow into influential on game and further activities of gamers.

*) Mass roles.

Mass roles are the characters with very general idea of plot and goals. These are all kinds of mutants, monsters, raiders, etc.

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Any further questions? Contact us on npc@oldtownfestival.net