The apocalypse. Here and now.

Move a hundred years into the future, to a world destroyed by a nuclear war, where a small settlement struggles to survive. Help to rebuild civilization on the ashes of mankind!

Larp is something like an improvised theatre, where every participant is an actor, director, make-up artist and a scriptwriter at the same time.

OldTown consists of four days of a larp game with hundreds of participants. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic settlement that you become a part of, with its own history, identity and working economy.

In this story every player is the main character who can leave their mark on OldTown history and change the course of the future. You are given an opportunity to become a hero of the wasteland, care to take it?

Why is OldTown so unique?

The whole settlement is for you, whole community is around you. This is the story that will bring a true actor out of you, regardless if you are a novice or a larping veteran.

The location of OldTown at an abandoned airfield surrounded with nothing but fields, concrete and scorching sun to go with, guarantees limitless possibilities. The settlement is filled with camps, stands, a bar and an arena. That’s why you can be whoever you want here: a solider, a bodyguard, a trader, a medic or even a beggar. It is up to you what kind of story you want to experience. The history and plot of OldTown are multi-layered, created by both the game masters and the players. Everyone can find something for themselves here and follow the events in their own way.

Recreate yourself.

A wasteland warrior? A trader from a faraway land? A biker bandit? Or maybe a doctor worth his weight in gold? Play the character you dream of. The posibilities are endless!

OldTown larp is unique. All players are free to choose their character, their profession, personality and history. Every player has the right to create their character’s dreams and goals to accomplish during the game. If you have no idea who to play, you can always flow with the main plot and let yourself be carried by the events happening around you. We promise – there will be action! Each player is obliged to have a costume, so the whole settlement looks and feels unique and realistic. Imagine how cool it would be – hundreds of people and their surroundings looking like they’re taken straight from a post-apocalyptic world.

Friends or foes?

Join one of the existing OldTown factions and wear their colors proudly. Live by their rules. Be a part of a family, a tribe or a garrison. Feel like you belong.

There are many factions at OldTown, starting from strictly military ones like Brotherhood of Beer, through trading ones like Flying Caravans, ending with the religious Order Of The Holy Flame.

You can join any faction you like. There are plenty to choose from. Every faction has its own regime, dress code and goals. They form alliances with some and wage wars on the others, open as well as covert.

It is however not required from you to join any faction. Many players decide to remain independent OldTown citizens. They become freelancers or stay in informal yet friendly groups.

Lights. Camera. Action!

Have you ever dreamed of defeating an army of zombies by yourself, jumping out of a window straight into your car and leaving with explosions behind you? Here your dreams become reality.

OldTown is a festival promoting adrenaline along with the accumulation of events, action and props. Battles, constant gun fights, car chases, mutant safari, pyrotechnics and the roar of engines. We know no mercy – the larp goes on for 24 hours. You can be sure that even in the middle of the night something will happen. Stroboscopes and car lights or a sudden mutant attack, you must be ready at any given moment. All of this makes you feel like you are a part of some Hollywood movie full of action and special effects. And you know what? You are the star that camera focuses on.

Abandoned airfield.

The vast, open terrain of the abandoned airfield in Stargard lets you forget about real life. Feel the freedom!

The abandoned airfield in Kluczewo (Stargard) is a huge empty space with concrete runways and old ruined buildings, surrounded by nothing but dust, fields and clusters of small trees. Modern civilization does not venture there, the power suppliers don’t even know of this place. There is no audience. And all of this – cracked runways and abandoned bunkers – are for you to explore. During the larp you will have more than enough opportunities to pace around this sun scorched landscape. There is action everywhere, not only in the settlement.

First time larper?

You are not a skilled larper? You don’t have a super-awesome outfit or an airsoft gun? Maybe you just want to chill on the deckchair? That’s cool. You’ll have tons of fun anyway.

OldTown welcomes all who look for good fun with great people. Game masters organize pre-game workshops and explain the mechanics in detail. They are there for you the whole time. And don’t you worry! You don’t need an airsoft gun nor a safe close combat weapon to have fun. After all not everyone has to be Mad Max. There’s enough of the story for all the professions and the only limit is your imagination. If you get tired of questing, plotting and exploring, you can always chill in the bar or by the grill. As a matter of fact a lot of people spend their whole time like this. There’s no need to worry, it will be incredible. It always is.
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