Key information about accreditations

  1. Festival accreditation and larp accreditation are separate. You can register for the larp only after you received your festival band and ID.
  2. Before you walk up to the accreditation point, prepare your ID (passport or driver’s license work too). If your accreditation was paid for you by someone else, you’ll be also asked for their full name.
  3. If you’re a volunteer, a guest or a press representative, tell the accreditation staff right away.
  4. Read and sign the festival rules and the authorization to reproduce physical likeness.
  5. You will receive a festival band (it will be put on your wrist right away and it should not be taken off until the end of the festival) and ID, as well as a starter pack.
  6. The starter pack includes festival programme, a copy of the rules, addresses of nearby shops and other useful information.

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