Shuttout contest!

In cooperation with the Shuttout platform, we organize a grand photographic contest!

The theme is, of course, post-apocalypse. As we know, there’s no place to see it as well as at OldTown. But inspiration can be found anywhere, anytime: in abandoned buildings, left-alone toys, dirty trash cans, junkyards. The magic of photography is to present fragments of the world in a way that makes the viewer travel in time and space – and bring him to year 2118 by just peeking behind a corner!

Everyone can participate in the contest – whether you come especially for OT Focus to take pictures, or are a regular Attendee of OldTown Festival, or perhaps you don’t plan to come to our event at all, but you took some pictures with post-apocalyptic vibes in a totally different situation.

The winner will be chosen by the votes of Shuttout’s community, and the prize is a sum of collected money. We encourage everyone to register and join the thousands of visionaries, who see the world through a lens! Also, #OTCrew is going to give a special prize and reward our favourite photo with an Accreditation for the next edition of our Festival in 2019 (worth around 70€)

OT Focus


For the fourth time already the gates of OldTown open up for Photographers in OT Focus 2018 – a massive photoshoot! We offer:
-almost 1000 Attendees in unique costumes
-over 50 vehicles: cars, motorbikes, even a bathtub on wheels
-groupshots with smoke bombs
-sightseeing the atmospheric Camps
-Militia Office, Arena, Hospital, HOME the Bar and other Organizer-provided spots
-the possibility to go outside the town for group shots of Factions
-a perfect chance to create some material for the Shuttout contest and winning a prize money and an Accreditation for OldTown Festival 2019

OT Focus takes place on sunday, the 15th of July, from 2pm to 6pm. Everyone passionate about photography can participate – just send us an application via e-mail, which the following informations:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address
  • ID/Passport number

Official Photographers

The list of Official Photographer Accreditations is full. Please contact us at in the year 2019!

(pic by Sarah Schmidlin)