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Can I attend if I am less than 18 years old?
Unfortunately, no. You have to be at least 18 years old to attend the larp.

What if I have parent’s escort and/or his/her written consent?
No. Only adults may attend the larp and there are no exceptions from this rule – regardless of parent or legal custody approval.

What if I turn 18 in 2019 but after the larp?
No. You can only attend if you are 18 years old or older on the day the larpbegins.

Do I have to register beforehand for the LARP?
Buying the accreditation for the OldTown Larp is equivalent to a reservation to the LARP. You can purchase it here: http://oldtownfestival.net/accreditation/
Additionally after the purchase you receive an e-mail with a form to submit your character. If you have any questions, contact us at: larp@oldtownfestival.net.

Can I buy the accreditation just for the LARP or the festival part?
The accreditation includes both the LARP and the festival part. There is no possibility to buy it for specific days of the festival only.

I have bought the accreditation but I can not attend. Can I get a return?
Unfortunately, we do not return cash for the accreditation bought. You may pass it to someone else by submiting your request for a transfer at contact@oldtownshop.net before 2019-06-23. Attendants with the accreditation passed without official transfer will not be allowed to enter.

How to get there by means of public transportation?
All information on how to get to OldTown Larp can be found at the bottom of this page.

What's the earliest time I can arrive on the Oldtown?
You can arrive at any time. The larp starts on Monday and attendants usually arrive on the preceding weekend. Organisers and the bravest arrive a week before.

How much money do I need?
During the larp you are granted the access to all the attractions. You should focus on providing yourself with food and drinks. You can use the chart below to plan your spendings:


Do I have to have Zloty with me or can I keep Euro?

Wasteland turned out to be Euro resistant. You can use it to purchase goods in Stargard, but in OldTown we use only Zloty. You can exchange the currency in Stargard.

Can I use my credit card in OldTown?
There are no functioning credit card terminals on the wasteland.

Will you provide access to medical care during the OldTown Larp?
Yes, we will provide access to basic medical care during the OldTown Larp.

Are WC and showers available in OldTown? Is there a toll?
Yes, there are field showers and ToiTois available. They are free of charge. War didn’t spare the sanitation.

Where shall I sleep? Do you have to own a tent?
It depends on you. Majority of attendants brings their own tents but there is no problem if you want to sleep in a shack or under an open sky. Remember, there are no possibility of tent rental in OldTown. As you make your bed so you must lie on it – literally.

How camp areas are distributed?
Camp areas are reserved via an e-mail. Factions holding their regular places are given precedence. Organisers reserve the right to give free areas according to the LARP guidelines (which can lead to denial of reservation of the desired area).

Where can I buy new food? Do I need Zloty there?
You can purchase food in OldTown (using Zloty) or in nearby cities, where Euro is an available option. Bare in mind that the food available on the larp grounds is usually rather basic, and some wouldn’t consider it to be a full meal. Expect it to be camping adequate. Several times a day there are “caravans” going to the city for shopping.

How far is the shop?
Far. About 5 kilometers. Fear not – during the larp it is a common practice to organize caravans running to the shops – you can place an order for the basic grocery that will be done for you.

Will there be a car parking?
Yes, there will be a designated, free and unguarded parking area.

Will I get a map of the area?
We will provide a crude map of the area. We will also present you with an opportunity to travel through some parts of the game area with an (almost) certified guide (as some objects are hidden so well that even with a detailed map you will probably fail to find them).

I want might! Is there a way of getting control over Oldtown and its people?
Where there is a will, there is a way. At the moment OldTown is run solely by single AI called Igor. However – no one will forbid you to try and overthrow him to seize the power for yourself (at least not offgame ;).

Can I take a dog / cat / lizard?
No, it is not possible to take the dog or any other animal to the larp with you because of concerns about safety of both the animal and other participants. There are concerts taking place in OldTown, it is loud, sometimes pyrotechnic materials are used – making OldTown little pet-friendly.

Is it ok to smoke outdoor incence in an incence bowl?
Yes, it is ok. Always be responsible around fire ;)

Are there polish sentences or words I should defenetly know?
We will provide the bare wasteland essential dictionary. We will also encourage players to work as translators for foreigners during the larp. Other than that we can only recommend the basic of the basics: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Some_useful_expressions

I am a photographer and I want to take photos during the larp. How/when/on what conditions is it possible?
Write at promo@oldtownfestival.net and we will consider your request.

I have / I know a band which want to play at the festival; who I should contact to?
Write at promo@oldtownfestival.net or use the contact form at our webpage.

Who organizes the larp? How many organisers are there?
The OldTown Larp is organized by the Stowarzyszenie Organizatorów Symulacji i Gier Terenowych Oldtown (Simulation and Outdoor Game Organisers Association Oldtown). There are around 35 organisers and if you include larp helpers there are almost 150.

I have never played in any LARP before, can I attend?
Of course! We try to make the OldTown friendly for both experienced and beginner players. The LARP accreditation system will facilitate an introduction for even a total novice. Workshops introducing into history and game mechanics will be held before the game. You can also consult with the organiser at the Larp Office or via dedicated helpline.

Do I have to know OldTown history or LARP plot from previous years?
It is not necessary but we encourage to get familiar with articles available at our webpage and OT Wiki. If your character arrives to the OldTown for the first time it is justified to not know the history or the plot. During the LARP itself many players will share their knowledge and experience from previous years for sure

What should I bring with me?
For the LARP attendance a postapocalyptic outfit and a proper eye protection are only required. We strongly recommend having of a high, sturdy shoes, a watch and a knife. Except that – anything you consider necessary for you to survive a week in camping conditions: something to sleep in (sleeping pad and bag; something to “dress” your tent, for example a camouflage net), accessories needed to cook and eat a meal (cutlery, a bowl, a canteen), some protection from rain (raincoat, rain cape) and sun (headwear, sun lotion).

Do I have to have my own outfit?
If you want to play in the LARP, you have to have postapocalypic outfit. Do not worry, outfit preparation is not hard. Ragged trouserd, tattered shirts, goggles, hats, everything worn out and dirty to emphasize hard life in the wasteland. Only your imagination restricts you in outfit creation. For inspiration we recommend our Pinterest and Instagram profiles. Also check out our crafting manual at http://oldtownfestival.net/crafting-en/ During the festival part postapocalyptic outfit is not mandatory but still advisable.

Is it possible to create own faction?
Yes, to do that you have to fill a form at this site: www.form.oldtownfestival.net/faction. We warn though that we can do not accept an application if the faction do not fit general concept of the LARP or copies an existing faction.

How to join an existing faction?
Factions recruit their members independently from organisers – the best course of action is to contact desired group directly. Read the faction description at http://oldtownfestival.net/factions . Next search for it at Facebook or contact us at larp@oldtownfestival.net if you need help in establishing a contact.

Sure! Every year we have several dozen smaller and bigger NPC roles. Contact us by writing at larp@oldtownfestival.net, and we’ll find a perfect role for you.

Do I have to create my own character, or will it be designated by the organisers?
Everyone has a full freedom in their character creation. In case you can not decide or have no particular idea a form received after buing the accreditation comes with some help. Eventually you can join NPC Corps and become a character whose actions are coordinated by the LARP organizators.

I want to play a mercenary, so I will not work for no pay. Is that technically possible?
Yes, it is possible, as long as you’ll be able to convince other players to hire you. There is always a need for a skilled mercenary.

How will quests be given to me? Is there a chance I accidentaly miss all quests?

Quests are not given, they are earned. We do our best to encourage all the players to participate in our story, however we like to think that we went beyond the quest system to do so. Of course you can find an NPC with a big yellow exclamation mark over his head (well, metaphorically) that will tell you to deliver a parcel to a certain persona. However to truly immerse in the story you will have to find the location of the super-secret-crypt by yourself, through all the cunning you can muster. Don’t worry, we will leave enough breadcrumbs lying around.

Is there an extra currency on the Oldtown? Something like bottlecaps in Fallout?
We use our own currency during the larp. It does not replace the Zloty when purchasing non-ingame items (unless both sides of the transaction agree upon it), but sometimes its used simultaneously with Zloty (ie when purchasing a food during larp while actively playing)

Can I bring my own caps or do I get them at the larp?
Caps are the currency of the LARP, are unique and issued only by organisers. Issuing own caps is against regulations.

What happens if you die in the game?
If you want to use the 8 hour respawn to the fullest, we recommend you to contact your friendly NPC Corps supervisor and enlist as a NPC. This will allow you to still be a part of the story, even while dead.

I want to avoid conflicts. How can I avoid shootouts?
There are OFFASG areas in which shooting as well as most forms of aggression are forbidden. If you truly want to avoid conflict staying in there is the best way to do so. Outside of the town only your wits can protect you.

No, quite the opposite. We encourage you to leave your ASG at home if the story of your character doesn’t require it – even in a post-apocalyptic world not everyone runs around with a gun. Not having an ASG or a foam weapon doesn’t mean you’ll have less fun, and we know from experience that usually you’ll actually have more. Fighting is barely an addition to the game, not its core.

What is the maximum allowed muzzle velocity for ASG?
During the LARP ASG of muzzle velocity not greater than 450 fps (measured on BB ammo weighting 0.20 g) is allowed. During fights inside buildings the maximum velocity is limited to 350 fps.

Can I bring my own ammunition?
During the LARP only accredited BB ammo of right coulour (changed every year) are allowed.

Does ASG has to be stylized to look postapocalyptic?
Postapocalyptic stylization of an ASG is not mandatory but advisable.

Does rubber knife counts as a white arm?
Unfortunately, we do not accept rubber training weapons in play. It is advised to acquire weapon made of foam or latex, without hard core.

Can I use fire or pyrotechnic materials?
No. Only organisers and persons privileged and marked by them can use pyrotechnic materials.

Where can I reload batteries for my ASG? Or do I have to bring my own generator?
Though sparesly, electricity runs through wasteland. We will provide the option to charge your devices at designated places (although sometimes there is a waiting line). We do encourage you to bring your own generator if you have one, as this will surely turn into a solid asset for your party.

What is the language used during LARP?
OldTown is a settlement situated in the north-west Poland – therefore the most commonly used language is Polish. Although lately the ever growing trade business brought many foreigners – and with them the art of speaking (and even sometimes writing!) English. So as long as you know one of this 2 languages you should be fine.

Is larp 24 hours a day, or are there any breaks during the game?
Once the larp starts, its unstoppable. You will sleep, eat and breath within the game for 72 hours.

Yes and no. During the larp, everyone in the settlement plays. You’re only offgame around and in your tent and when using the toilet or taking a shower. In special situations (like giving or receiving medical assistance, explaining contentious issues or giving organizational information) you can go into a “ghost state” by putting on a reflective vest. Remember, nothing prevents you from morning toilet, going to the lake, preparing a meal or drinking a beer while staying “in character”.

Where can I get wood for my campfire or campconstruction?
Most of the participants gather their wood by themselves nearby their encampment. It is advised to bring tools like axes and saws if you plan on building elaborate structures. You can purchase building equipment and utensils at the store in Stargard. Also, if you need trimmed planks you can contact our Department of the Timber (http://oldtownfestival.net/departament-drewna-wzywa-department-of-the-timber-calls-you/)

How big is the game area?
450 ha

Accommodation and meals.

You can live in a tent, a car or in whatever you build for yourself. In terms of accomodation we provide a camping site with toilets and showers. You will also find stands with hot meals. Moreover, every day we organize “caravans” to the city, where you can buy other stuff, and go to the nearby lake.

Arrival tips

Do you need any help? Contact us on contact@oldtownfestival.net and we’ll describe exactly how to get to the larp.

Car Travel (click me!)

If you plan to arrive by car, just give your Pip-Boy the coordinates 53.264934, 14.969466 or Tańskiego street in Stargard Szczeciński. From the point where civilisation ends follow the signs pointing to OldTown, they will be painted along the way.

Public Transport (click me!)

If you want to use public transport, plan your travel in two parts:

Task 1: Get to Stargard

TRAIN – this is the option we recommend. There are trains from Szczecin to Stargard every 15 minutes or so. Moreover, most of the railroad tracks from south and central Poland go through Stargard. Check it before you buy a ticket. (http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en). You can buy tickets paying cash (PLN) or card just before departure.
PLANE – The nearest airports are in Berlin (150 km), Poznań (180 km) and Szczecin Goleniów (40 km). It’s easy to get from Berlin to Szczecin by PolskiBus or by German Railawy (using Regionalticket). From Goleniów and Poznań the best option is going by train.

Task 2: Get from Stargard to the Larp

TAXI – say the magic word “OldTown” and the driver will get you there in 15 minutes for about 30 zl (phone no. 91 578 33 33).

PUBLIC TRANSPORT – get on a bus number 8, 19, 20 or 28 and go to the last stop called “Śniadeckiego/Tańskiego”. Get off the bus and follow the arrows painted on the road.