Take pictures of the end of the world!!

OldTown Larp 2019 is an outdoor role-playing game which can be described as a transfer of action films, pen&paper and computer RPGs to reality. Its attendees create unique costumes, props, vehicles, weapons and camps which help us recreate the landscape after a nuclear war. An abandoned airfield near Stargard becomes an alvernative reality, a dystopia 100 years in the future. Annually, we invite Photographers to visit it – for a few hours every lens user can be a guest of this amazing world for free, by partaking in #OTFocus!


Larp starts on Tuesday at dawn. Focus will require from the interested attendees to dress up earlier, on Monday afternoon – but it’s worth putting the effort! The Photographers will be at the Focus for you – invite them to your camps and for private sessions!


To participate in the entire OldTown Larp (event: https://www.facebook.com/events/216596762618370/), you must purchase the accreditation at https://oldtownshop.net/. For the photographers we’ve prepared two ways to participate free of charge:

  1. The first is OT Focus. The event will last one afternoon on Sunday (exact hours will be announced soon). To participate please send your application to promo@oldtownfestival.net with your full name and the number of your identity card. You will then receive the rules of participation, organizer’s contact number and some guidelines such as information on how to reach the festival’s grounds sent to your e-mail address. Due to the start of the Larp on Sunday evening, there will be no possibility of staying longer than for just the duration of OT Focus.
  2. The second option is to become the Official OldTown Photographer – such persons participate in the whole event (8-13 July 2019) as volunteers and provide us with all the material they will have created. If you are interested in this contract please send an email to promo@oldtownfestival.net with a link to your photo gallery, your name, surname and phone number. All further details will be shared in person. The number of Official Photographers is limited so only a few of our chosen people will be able to receive the photographic accreditation.

OT Focus is a unique opportunity to enrich your portfolio with a unique collection of photos from a photoshoot attended by nearly 1000 people, with dozens of cars, motorcycles and a whole post-apocalyptic town as a scenery. We invite you to join the Event!