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OldTown LARP is not just a game, but a kind of improvised theatre. As a player you are both an actor playing your own scenes and a spectator observing the course of events. By leading your character smartly, you have the chance not only to initiate adventures and experience something extraordinary in real life, but also to influence the events of the story unfolding in the town.

We are open to your initiative. We encourage you to create a complex character that will embellish the OldTown world and bring you satisfaction.

To submit your character, fill out the form.

  • filling in the form is necessary for you want to continue your character from previous years!

Remember that:

  • we respond to all submissions, but the closer we get to LARP, the less time we have to weave your character in the story - fill out the form as soon as possible after you buy the accreditation!

  • If you do not send the form before the LARP, you will go through the character creation process on site. You will then receive a random pack, which is quite risky - and you're not going to get the role of a wanted criminal?