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There's a place on the ruined land where once a year vagrants from all over the world are drawn to. There is a certain time, which we call the Time of Arrivals.

What is OldTown?

OldTown is a post-apocalyptic town built on the vast area of the abandoned Stargard airport. Dormant for most of the year, it comes alive for a few days in July. This is when OldTown LARP - the world's largest post-apocalyptic field game - takes place. This year we are meeting for the 16th time.

Everyone over 18 years old can take part in the game. We invite enthusiasts of fantasy and the post-apocalypse from Poland and abroad; experienced larpers and novice players; bored seekers of new experiences; all who want to live the adventure.

OldTown LARP starts on the second day of the event, lasts four days and is played out in 24h mode. The participants recreate the reality of life after a nuclear disaster, building, creating, trading and fighting for survival.

Want to go on an adventure?

What awaits you there?

Costumes , props, scenography, events - wherever you look, you will be in a different world. During the Time of Arrivals the level of illusion is so high that you forget about the everyday life you will leave in front of the entrance gate. All that matters is here and now. 


During the game you play the role of a character you invented. You can be someone else. You can be anyone. You can do whatever you want.

Why take part in OldTown Larp?

  • This is a unique experience that engages all the senses - unlike computer games, where you are separated with a screen, you are completely immersed in another world
  • You stop being merely a witness to events you know from films, TV shows or books (from chases and explosions to intrigues and supernatural events), but you become a participantWhat's more, you can create them
  • you have the opportunity to become somebody elsewhich is not without influence on your everyday life. Many of the shysters who played the role of a badass have gained confidence in life
  • you will meet extraordinary and open-minded peopleParticipation in unusual events is great for making friends for life
  • the entry threshold is not high - you don't need experience nor specialist knowledge

Why is the LARP easy?

  • because we're helping you get started - the first day of the event is the time for you to get in the game. You spread out your stuff, integrate with people, take part in workshops. In the evening you enjoy a great party, where the cavalcade of events begins and reaches successive stages of acceleration. Before you know it, you're in the game
  • because we watch over your character - infopoint, Game Masters and event staff; you raise objections to them and get advice on an ongoing basis
  • because you have no difficulty playing the role - the level of illusion is high, so your emotions are strong and true; you quickly forget that you are in the game
  • because you do what you want - the plot is so rich and there are so many participants that you can both create events as well as blend in with the crowd without going beyond your comfort zone
  • because you feel safe - we have created rules of the game that enable almost every type of interaction and set standards for safety and behavior in troublesome situations
  • because you're not alone - OldTown is a rich community of post-apocalypse enthusiasts who will help you prepare for the game long before the event. If you don't know something, ask on the FB groupsget on the fanpagecontact the organisers.

What do you need to participate?

  1. The desire to do so
  2. A ticket [buy accreditation] & [check out the lodging offer]
  3. Access to up-to-date information [sighn up for the newsletter, it will be your guide]
  4.  A post-apocalyptic outfit [you can make it yourself or use our help]
  5. Your very own character [how to create them? You will find out in the LARP tab]
  6. Equipment [check out the list of things you will need]

Accommodation and meals

OldTown is an outdoor event. The ticket price includes a camping place to set up a tent and access to field showers, portable toilets and a charging point. Are you coming with your squad? Need more comfort? Check the possibility of renting a tiny house with equipment or a caravanDrinks and small snacks can be bought at our bar, hot meals can be enjoyed in several places located in the event area.


LARP is not everything

The game is over, but the event isn’t.

Just after the end of our LARP, the OldTown Weekend begins - a hot show, sand, sweat and roaring of post-apocalyptic car wonders, craft workshops, a wrestling gala and a dance party until morning. This is a desert carnival you haven't seen anywhere else. Unless, during the screening of the latest installment of "Mad Max".