A party after the end of the world

Stay after the LARP

Weekend in OldTown - what is it?

Weekend in OldTown is an open-air event in a post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Its main idea is to have fun in an unusual setting. We invite all fans of pop culture and fantasy, larp fans, seekers of unusual experiences and entertainment and anyone who would like to give life after the apocalypse a try at least for a moment. This is an event without age limits.

Event schedule

Weekend in OldTown starts on Friday (24.07), the day after the final of the earlier OldTown LARP 2020, and lasts until dawn from Saturday to Sunday. The entry fee can be paid at our store. LARP participants take part in the event for free - this is an extra time and space for them to have fun together after the game.


Weekend in OldTown is a colourful carnival filled with live concerts, post-apocalyptic tournaments, jugger games and dance and fireshow performances. After dark, the Arena turns into a dancefloor and the music keeps playing until morning. The event is also visited by many exhibitors presenting artisan products and various talents. An important mission of the event is to promote the work of the rebellious artists.

These are attractions which, thanks to their unusual form and expression, arouse the admiration of participants, strong emotions and lively reactions. The atmosphere of openness is conducive to discussions over a cold beer, making new friends and having fun spontaneously. In OldTown, it is easy to relax from everyday duties and experience something new.


Antumbra : Voodoospad : Godbite : Rockasta : Quo Vadis : Fireshow

The first day of the Weekend in OldTown (Friday, July 24th) will be devoted to music. Five bands, representing different styles of rock, metal and ambient music will perform at our Arena, on the Main Stage. For all those who will want to continue partying after the entire evening of live performance, there will be a DJ party that will last until there’s still someone standing on the dance floor!


Jugger : Costume Contest : Moto Contest : Prism : Gala KPW

The second day of the Weekend in OldTown (Saturday, July 25th), known as the festival day, will be filled with a number of attractions with a post-apocalyptic vibe that you won’t experience anywhere else. You will be able to admire the unique creations of the Participants taking part in a costume contest, matches of a brutal sport called Jugger, and a real Kombat Pro Wrestling Gala as the cherry on the top. In addition, throughout the event you can stroll through the post-apocalyptic town, enjoy the food truck zone, a trade zone with handicrafts and fashion, as well as a post-apocalyptic themed bar available 24 hours a day.


Weekend in OldTown is distinguished from other events by its fantastic set design in the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse. Impressive structures, cars, props, Mad Max costumes - all this deepens the impression of being in an alternative reality. We also encourage participants to change their clothes. There will be an opportunity to transform clothes on site during the crafting workshops.

At the event site there will be available:

  • OldTown Arena, the stage for extraordinary events,
  • The last bar after the apocalypse,
  • Facilities offering coffee, tea, lemonades and shakes,
  • Foodtruck zone with food from all around the world,
  • A trade zone with craftsmanship and fashion,
  • ASG shooting range,
  • Backdrop walls,
  • Stuff for kids to do,
  • Option of camping on a camping site, illuminated, equipped with field sanitary facilities and showers.

We invite you to co-create the Weekend in OldTown!

If you're a craftsman, brewer your own beer, do card tricks or train mutants - write to contact@oldtownfestival.netThe Weekend in OldTown is an extraordinary space where you can show even the strangest of abilities to the world! We encourage especially - but not only! - artists working in the aesthetic of the post-apocalypse.

See you in the Wastelands!