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“I dont`t have a plan. I just… do things.” – Joker

Do you like to do things, and then just want to watch the world burn? So, do we! However, unlike the Joker we have a plan. And it’s goal is the same every year: to create the event we dream about all year long. We are the OldTown Crew – people from all around Poland connected by the need to create this fantastic, unique Europewide festival!

We offer you an extraordinary adventure. Enter behind the curtain of OldTown and get to know it from the side of organisers. We are inviting you, because we think everyone will benefit from it. New experiences, friendships and satisfaction from creating such a unique event… are just the tip of the iceberg of bonuses you will get, if you will reach for your place among the OldTown Crew. Join us, if:

  • You are over 18 years old (before the start of the event),
  • You like to meet new people,
  • You want to take a real part in creating OldTown Festival.

Sounds Good? Continue reading!


Working on such a big event as a festival and a LARP for 1000 people is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle consisting of a million pieces. We guarantee that everything you’ll be asked to do during our cooperation will be within the framework you define in the beginning. Above all, we give you the opportunity to meet great people and learn many new things!

By joining the OT Crew, you get the following benefits:

  • free festival accreditation – you don’t have to buy a ticket,
  • benefits package – meals, drinks, snacks,
  • special ID,
  • accident insurance,
  • distinctive T-shirts for the staff (excluding NPCs!).


Commitment – that’s the keyword that opens the door to our working together on OldTown. As with any volunteering, we expect to receive real help from you – to the best of your ability, of course, and within what we agree in advance.

When you come to OldTown Festival as a volunteer, we expect you to:

  • devote some of your time during the game – we don’t want you to miss anything, but remember that some of the tasks you will be asked to perform will be during the LARP,
  • you will handle the tasks entrusted to you responsibly,
  • before coming to the event read the Terms and Conditions.

First time to OldTown?

Don’t worry, filling in the form is not obligatory. We have designed it in such a way as to leave you with a choice – you can apply to Schron-Bud immediately or first consult the staff supervisor, who will answer your questions and advise you on the section that is right for you.

Show us your superpowers!

Info POINT / Vault 801

Your tasks will include attending to participants at the info point, i.e. answering questions and carrying out some LARP procedures. You will take care of the LARP accreditation of participants (e.g. safe weapons, Air Soft Gun replicas) and their documentation (contracts, declarations). We require English on a communicative level.

Event staff / Trashers

OldTown functions thanks to the multitude of people standing in its shadows. They are the silent heroes who help bring the beer to the bar, drop off the paper in the toilet or throw away the rubbish in the morning. These may seem like insignificant tasks, but the people who choose to help us in these ways are some of our most appreciated helpers. Want to power up the staff? We don’t require anything more than a commitment from you.

Security Volunteer

Security staff are primarily responsible for checking people entering the event site for compliance with our regulations (particularly sobriety for drivers). We do not require anything more than commitment. Special qualifications (e.g. security guard) will be an additional (but not necessary) asset.


If you like working with pots and can peel carrots, you are welcome to join our kitchen. This year, for the first time, we are opening the possibility of joining the volunteers in the role of a cook. We don’t require experience (although if you have that, that’s great!), but the commitment and basic cooking skills. For your convenience, we set up a precise kitchen duty schedule before the event.

Builder / Janusz

Janusze is a team dedicated to erecting all kinds of structures at the event site – from information boards to larger structures. What do we require? Availability before and/or after the event, as well as basic manual skills and taking responsibility for the equipment entrusted to you. Anyone who can hold a hammer and listen will do – regardless of gender. We have plenty of girls in the Janusze ranks!


There can be no random people in the medical team. We only accept people with paramedic qualifications and proven first aid experience. For your convenience, we establish a precise schedule of medical duties before the event.


Drivers are an invaluable support for the city’s logistics. During the event, we need people who are willing to get behind the wheel for various purposes, such as transporting NPCs to the event site or going into town to get groceries. We will set up a duty roster before the event. We require a driving licence and abstinence for 12hrs before and during the shift.


If you are easy-going and like meeting new people, this is the perfect job for you. We don’t require you to be a professional beer pourer, but if you have papers and/or can boast experience, that’s great. We welcome dynamic, proactive people who are full of initiative. Before the event, we establish a schedule of duty behind the bar.


When you join the NPC Corps, you will be given an interesting task – you will play one or more NPCs, who are an integral part of the story-line. For example, you can become a raider or a nice old lady, who the players will show around their camps. What do we require? Knowledge of English on a minimum level and cooperation in preparing the costume.

And now take a deep breath...

Clicking the button below will take you to a form that will help us get to know each other a little bit better. Remember – it’s not a binding commitment yet. You don’t lose anything by answering a few questions… So, shall we get started?

And now take a deep breath...

Clicking the button below will take you to a form that will help us get to know each other a little bit better. Remember – it’s not a binding commitment yet. You don’t lose anything by answering a few questions… So, shall we get started?

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