OldTown Festival



On the ruins of a world devastated by nuclear conflict, a handful of survivors are building a new civilisation. Less than 50 years after the Great War, their work is finally showing results. Although there are still murky areas where the law of the fist prevails, there are also places full of hope. Research, scientific and military centres are being established, culture and entertainment are being reborn. This is thanks to people who, instead of fighting, have decided to unite and work for a better future. Nevertheless, it is still better to remain vigilant. Mutants hide in the dense forests and groups of bandits called raiders roam the vast wastelands.

The world after the Great War

Almost half a century ago, the world burned in an atomic fire. A total war between world powers, caused by accumulating crises, led humanity to its downfall. In October 2077, the conflict known as the Great War began. A nuclear fire has claimed millions of lives, turned our homes into dust and transformed the earth’s surface into a hostile hell out of our worst nightmares. Some lucky people escaped the destruction by hiding in underground bunker complexes or by retreating to remote, inaccessible out-of-the-way locations. After the fires were finally extinguished and the smoke covered the sky with a greasy shroud, many years of silence followed, broken only by the howling of the winds sweeping the empty barren seas of ruins.

The human race is stubborn in its fight for survival. After decades of hiding from the effects of the Great War, we have finally begun to return to the lands destroyed by our ancestors. We painstakingly began to rebuild civilisation, struggling against a dangerous environment, famine and disease. We survived the end of the world. We cheated Armageddon. We escaped death.

Today, in the 2120s, humanity is still struggling to survive, the world is being rebuilt with toil and labour. There are lone wanderers roaming the Wastelands, ruthless in their daily struggle to survive in a world where it is not difficult to come across a pack of mutated animals or an irradiated, dangerous area. Most choose to gather in larger groups, form factions, and build towns. However, where there are too many people, the well-known crises of the past appear. The struggle for influence and raw materials often leads to the collapse of newly established settlements.

Unfortunately, along with the old world, much of the knowledge we possessed as a world-dominating race has been lost. Many people born in the new world are unable to understand or use the technologies found in the pre-war crypts. Recovered weapons or cars are deteriorating with each passing year. Some foretell the renewed downfall of humanity as soon as the access to pre-war resources ends. A few individuals manage to find and restore old disks or read textbooks. Some have been lucky enough to meet people who survived the apocalypse and learn from them. These lucky ones get a head start, learning to create simple and increasingly advanced technologies, but mainly using “rubbish”, as no factories are functioning.

Nowadays, most people are concentrated in their closed agglomerations, be it quasi-cities or fortresses, encampments or even tribal clusters of tents and huts. Travel is done in groups armed to the teeth, or quickly and relatively stealthy. Threats come from all sides of the Wastes. Mutated creatures attack and devour those unable to defend themselves. Bandits plunder and pillage, giving in to their most primitive instincts. An expedition to a bad area of the sea of ruins may end in slow agony caused by radiation sickness. More numerous groups, ignoring the witness of the Great War and its consequences, are already starting their own petty wars. The stronger devours the weaker. Everyone is fighting for survival in this strange new food chain of the forces of the post-War world.

Season of Arrivals


Once a year, the gates of the town open, welcoming caravans and travellers from the most far-flung settlements and areas. This is a time when accommodation is hard to come by in OldTown, the bars are crowded with patrons and the streets are filled with stalls. The Season of Arrivals has been a part of the town for many years, gathering travellers from all corners of the Wastelands who come to OldTown to trade, party, do politics and business. It is a sort of festival and a great marketplace in one. A reason to celebrate yet one more year of survival. An opportunity to compete, make alliances and trade. A time when you can feel that you are part of a community and not all alone, lost in the ruins of the world. Artists take to the streets to entertain the crowds, bars burst at the seams, gladiator fights are held, various religious ceremonies take place. There are many legal and illegal business transactions, and the criminal underworld keeps an eye out for ways to grab a bite. Of course, such a huge human melting pot as the Season of Arrivals triggers many different events and conflicts. Sometimes it is impossible to control what is happening in the whole town at once. Fortunately there is someone who has more than one pair of eyes and is constantly watching over what is happening on the streets of OldTown. That someone is IGOR.



You don’t know shit about contrasts if you haven’t been to OldTown. Here you’ll find cynical bosses who’d sell their mothers for some juice, and soulful ragamuffins who pray to a withered bush in the evenings. The concrete streets are filled with the buzz of many languages, and the smells of food cooked over a campfire mingle with the chemical fumes of laboratories and workshops. Vigilant drones hover over the rubbish-strewn buildings, ready to shoot anyone who pulls out a gun. There are places where you can sink a blade under a stranger’s ribs at night without anyone batting an eyelid, while in other districts you’ll get a fine for using offensive language… It was originally a place where travellers exchanged goods and information. Over the years, however, word of it spread and over time the population grew to several hundred inhabitants. Today OldTown is a well-known and relatively safe oasis in the Wastelands, where life is a bit like before the Great War. Yes, it is a fact that every now and then something dangerous happens in the area, and every now and again yet another black cloud hangs over OldTown. But the town has never broken and never surrendered. One way or another, it always emerges from the chaos that comes from the Wastes… It lasts and thrives. Of course, it is not a utopian place. Conflicts between people can quickly escalate, and political squabbles and power struggles are the norm. The whole melting pot of issues, aspirations and intrigues starts to boil as the time of the legendary Season of the Arrivals approaches.


IGOR is an artificial intelligence that watches over the city’s systems and ensures the safety of its inhabitants. Buried deep beneath the surface, the machine coldly calculates the current situation in the town and reacts when necessary. IGOR’s primary task has always been to protect the people who currently reside in OldTown and he has been doing this continuously for years. The drone system is an extension of its functions. These flying devices constantly circle over OldTown observing and analysing. As dusk/dawn falls, a security function is activated in them. Connected to IGOR’s information matrix, they are able to react within milliseconds, bringing down anyone who shows even a trace of physical aggression towards another human being in the city. Drones are present everywhere, scanning the sheets of tents, snooping in bars and buildings, hovering high above streets and squares. As long as the defence system is active, residents can feel safe. Of course, there’s always the chance that one of IGOR’s components will malfunction and it will suffer an electronic hiccup, as has happened in the past…


Schron-Bud is the company responsible for the design and construction of the bunker complex and the technology that allowed humanity to survive the Great War. The workers, or rather the next generation of workers, are present on the site. They are extremely knowledgeable about IGOR, its functionality and how to repair its systems. They even seem to be interested only in this aspect, without sharing their knowledge with anyone. They completely ignore the political situation in the city, focusing on their work. They are not, however, shy loners. They are happy to help, give directions, provide information or assist a lost visitor who has taken their first steps into the town.


This place is a legend. A bar which is the heart of the town. Some people come here for a beer, others for a fuck, others do their dirty business on the dirty benches and sofas… Supposedly if you stand at the counter long enough, you’ll eventually meet everyone you’ve ever met in your life. When you arrive in town, take your first steps here, order a beer, chat with the bartender… You’re bound to meet someone interesting here who… well, it depends on your luck. Surely you can talk, listen to the gossip around the town, do business, listen to stories or just relax with a good drink served by the bartender. Cheers!


Riots, murders and thefts happen in every major city, and CAD is here to keep them at bay in OldTown. The grim law enforcement office has seen every scum of the earth, and the officers with the black shield on their shoulders have heard every twisted excuse… In short, the CAD is the town’s police force. Impartial, apolitical, working with IGOR to ensure security within the town. For years, uniformed officers have been putting their lives on the line to uphold law and order. They are the only ones in the city equipped with electronic badges that provide them with the ability to use physical force when the drone system is active and respond to aggressive behaviour by residents.


Radio has withstood even the nuclear blast and deadly radiation… After the Great War, radio receivers became our main source of information. OldTown has a professional radio station that will make you feel like you’re at a pre-war dance party. Throughout the day, it broadcasts great electro swing, jazz and blues tunes, accompanied by stylish commercials for local products and interviews, not all of which are completely pointless. The radio station is also an important source of information on current affairs, sometimes taking a tough, decisive stance. When you’re in OldTown, be sure to tune your receiver to the right FM frequency! You will be flooded with pleasant sounds, which will give you a little relief from your everyday existence…


In a world of struggle for survival, a single individual has little chance of success. That is why for years people have been joining together to form groups, creating a colourful mosaic called OldTown. Factions and conglomerates are the fuel for the town, they set its pulse. From commercial, military and artistic groups to religious ones, their diversity is immense. Their locations are governed by the laws of the town, so all the front sides of their encampments are open to visitors, they are neutral ground, where the visitor can talk or trade with the representatives of the group. Smaller units, such as factions, naturally combine into conglomerates, i.e. large and influential structures, which have their own districts in the town.



Outside the city walls stretches a vast expanse of desolate no-man’s land. An endless, barren Wasteland, inhabited by wild animals and deformed monsters that roam in search of fresh blood. Let’s be clear: once you step outside the city gates, it’s down to you and your gun. And blind fate. Because the Wasteland is a place where Fortune plays dice and mocks people’s plans… In the Wasteland you can meet mutants, raiders and other travellers – with the first you are unlikely to get along, with the second you can try, and as for the travellers… well, some will share their water or a kind word, others will rip your skin off and leave you without a single cap in your pocket. Nevertheless, it’s worth a look from time to time. In the radiation zones you can find a lot of valuable things, and unexpected encounters may mean a profitable exchange or the beginning of an interesting acquaintance. And one more thing: the road to “The Hole” leads through the Wasteland.


Hidden in the forest, the lair of the Raider clans, full of scum, drunks and ordinary murderers. In short: a place you don’t want to go. Seriously, think twice before turning into a concrete road in the forest, leading straight to the ruined buildings. And when you do arrive, you better have a reason. How to survive in a hole? Pro tip #1: be nice to the locals and don’t try to prove you have the longest one. Pro tip no. 2: don’t pull out a gun, or you’ll get turned away by the local version of the drone system. Despite everything (and contrary to appearances), the Hole is a place that co-exists with the town. Apart from raiders, those who don’t want regulations over their heads and want to live life to the fullest settle here: all kinds of free spirits and all sorts of shady types. The law of the strongest reigns in the Hole, so moving around this place requires caution and confidence. The only place where a traveller can feel relatively safe is in the bar, equipped with automatic rifles that work on a similar principle to the drone system in OldTown.

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