Well hello there, Traveller,
You have just arrived at the headquarters of SCHRON-BUD - the most important organisation in the town of OldTown. It's a good thing, because we're currently recruiting. Will you join us?


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What is Schron-Bud?

Schron-Bud is an invincible team of people without whom OldTown wouldn't exist. No one else but the members of Schron-Bud put this machine in motion - they lay the foundations for the city, create a friendly space for the players, take care of their comfort, keep order, hype up the game. They devote their energy to make everyone who passes the entrance gate feel informed and safe. At the same time, they experience a great adventure behind the scenes of a unique event - both for players and with players.

Sounds interesting? 
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How to join Schron-Bud?


  • You are over 18 (you are of age on the day the event starts)
  • You like meeting new people
  • You want to become richer with new experiences
  • You love spending time in the wastelands

…fill in the submission form.

Our offer

What do we guarantee?

  • an opportunity to take part in organising an outdoor event
  • the possibility of meeting great people and starting friendships that will last years
  • an interesting way to spend your time
  • the necessary training

List of profits:

  • free accreditation
  • social pack – meals, drinks, snacks
  • special ID
  • accident insurance
  • T-shirts for event support stuff (not the NPCs!)

What do we expect?

  • devoting your time during the game - we don't want you to miss a thing, but remember that some of the tasks we'll assign you will have to be done during the LARP
  • responsibility for the tasks entrusted to you

First time in OldTown?

Relax, filling out the form is not binding. We have designed it in such a way as to give you the possibility to choose - you can contact SCHRON-BUD immediately or consult our colleague from the HR department first, she will answer questions and advise the appropriate section for you.

Before you fill in the form, please read the description of each section of Schron-Bud.

So how is it? Will you take up the challenge?

List of vacancies

Info Point / Vault 801

Your task will be to assist participants at the information point, i.e. to answer questions and carry out some LARP procedures. You will deal with the LARP accreditation of participants (weapons, asg, skills) and their documentation (contracts, statements). We require a knowledge of English at communicative level.

Event support / The Trashers

OldTown functions thanks to a multitude of people standing in its shadow. They are silent heroes who will help bring beer to the bar, drop the toilet roll off at the tois or throw away garbage in the morning. It may seem like minor tasks, but those who decide to help us in this way are some of the most appreciated helpers. Would you like to support the staff? We require nothing more than commitment from you.

Security services

The Volunteer Security Service is primarily responsible for checking the people entering the event area for compliance with statutory requirements (in particular, sobriety of drivers). We require nothing more than commitment. Special qualifications (e.g. of a security officer) will be an additional (but not necessary) asset.


If you like to do cooking and know how to peel carrots, we invite you to our kitchen. This year, for the first time, we are opening the possibility to join volunteers as a kitchen staff. We do not require experience (although if you have any - great!), but commitment and basic cooking skills. For your convenience, we set up a precise schedule of the kitchen duty before the event.

Budowlaniec / Janusz

Janusze is a team that deals with erecting all kinds of structures on the event site - from information boards to larger facilities. What do we require? Availability before and/or after the event, as well as basic manual skills and responsibility for the entrusted equipment. Anyone who can hold a hammer and listen, regardless of gender, will be able to do so. We have many girls in the ranks of Janusze!


There can' t be anyone on the medical team at random. We only accept people with paramedic qualifications and documented first aid experience. For your convenience, we set up a precise medical duty schedule before the event.


Drivers are invaluable support for the city's logistics. During the event we need people who will be ready to sit behind the wheel for various purposes, e.g. transporting NPCs to the event site or going to the city for shopping. Before the event, we set up a duty schedule. We require a driving license and abstinence for 12 hours before and during the shift.


If you are a social person and you like meeting new people, this is the perfect job for you. We don't require you to be a professional beer pour-er, but if you have the papers or/and you can boast experience, it's great. We welcome people who are dynamic, operational and full of initiative. Before the event, we set up a schedule for the shifts at the bar.

NPC Corps

By joining the NPC Corps, you'll get an interesting task - you'll play one or more NPCs, which are an integral part of the plot. You can, for example, become a raider or a nice old lady, who will be guided by the players through the camps. What do we require? Minimum knowledge of English and cooperation in preparing a costume.

Join us right now!

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