What is the LARP like?



OLdTown LARP is a field simulation game set in an alternative universe. It’s also a perfect environment for postapocalypse fans from all over the world, and a place where various forms of expression can meet. What we offer to the players is a mix of different LARP forms (nordic and Anglo-Saxon, action and parol LARPs, as well as some elements of chambers). We create a multi-dimensional space where everyone can express themselves in their favourite style and atmosphere. Both fans of immersive play with arbitrary mechanics and those who prefer to have specific parameters and precise simulation rules will have a lot of fun. Our vision of OldTown is dynamic and ever-changing. Every year we test new ideas, examine results and introduce improvements. Change is inherent to the nature of the event.

Wyróżniającą zaletą naszego LARPa jest otwartość na inicjatywę graczy. Scenariusz gry w dużej mierze układają uczestnicy. To oni – sami lub z naszą pomocą – wymyślają swoje role i mogą bezpośrednio wpływać na wydarzenia zarysowane w scenariuszu. 

Zależy nam na ścisłej współpracy z graczami, dlatego gorąco zachęcamy do zgłaszania postaci, wątków fabularnych, quetstów oraz ugrupowań. Piszcie śmiało. Pomożemy dopasować i osadzić Wasze pomysły w uniwersum OldTown, by potem wspólnie opowiedzieć historię postapokaliptczynego miasta oraz jego otoczenia.


On the ruins of the world destroyed by a nuclear conflict, survivors are building a new civilization. Over 40 years after the Great War their efforts are finally visible. Although there are still dark places where you can only live by law of the fist, there are also places of hope. Created are research, science and military centers, and culture and entertainment are reborn. It is thanks to the people who decided to unite instead of fighting and to work together for a better future. Still, it’s better to remain vigilant. Mutants are hiding in dense forest, and vast wastelands are ruled by bandit groups called raiders.

OldTown LARP is set in a world loosely based on Fallout games, Mad Max movies, and literature (such as “Metro 2033”). We don’t rely on one universe, but instead take inspiration from popculture. Thanks to this, our world is diverse and enriched by imagination of the players - in the game world you can met both savage people who forgot how to speak any human language and ultra modern cyborgs, or even robots controlled by artificial intelligence.

Game atmosphere

Because of the postapocalyptic setting, our game is meant for adults - it’s not censored, so it can get brutal. At the same time it doesn’t lack humour. It’s a game full of contradictions: one moment you’re having fun in a loud, crowded bar to relax and take your mind off the terrors of the world, and the next you encounter a gang of thieves who rob you of your hard-earned caps.

Season of Arrivals

The Season of Arrivals serves as a setting for the game events. It’s a special time of year, when trade caravans and political representatives of various factions from all over the world come to OldTown to conduct their business. Many individuals also come there: some dream of fame, some want to settle conflicts from the past, there are also those who want to find someone or hide in the crowd, earn money or the opposite - to spend all their caps in the local bar. Season of Arrivals is what let OldTown grow and expand, but as it usually happens in places visited by many… There will be trouble!


A newly introduced element of the game.Its purpose is to enrich the game atmosphere and improve the level of immersion. This year event organisers and LARP crew will act “undercover” as employees of SCHRON-BUD, who woke up from cryo chambers after the war and now take care of the city infrastructure. Dressed in costumes of Crypt 801 inhabitants, they will become an active background of the game. You can discuss any matter with them, both in-game and off-game (ask a question, report something or ask for advice), without having to get out of your role. This will allow for an even deeper immersion in the game. SCHRON-BUD is an apolitical and unwavering institution - without it, OldTown would cease to exist.

> FETCHING DATA  Trójca. Wierni Boga o Trzech Twarzach. Triglava, jakiego obliczami są Szpon, Kruk i Szczur. Siła może przejawiać się na różny sposób. W walce, honorze, w odwadze. W charyzmie, inteligencji, knowaniach. W przetrwaniu, jedności, w podstępie. Wyznawcy Triglava nie uznają porażki za hańbę, ani zwycięstwa za koniec starań. Liczy się tylko doskonalenie się, wyzwanie i czczenie go czynami. Chwała silnym. Chwała tym, którzy znają Jego Imię.

How does OldTown work in practice?

OldTown LARP is close to a sandbox type of game. We offer to players a rich world, and it is for them to decide what they want to do in it. And although we do prepare a major plotline that opens and closes the LARP, it is up to them whether they want to get involved in it, or if it will become just a distant background to their own story. We encourage you to build intense relations between players and their groups.

Other plotlines (criminal, military, dramatic or pure entertainment), as well as small plots for individual players and groups, are created together with the groups, conglomerates and the players themselves. We try not to tie ourselves to a certain script. A player is not an observer, but an active participant, so the in-game events and their finale are partly unknown to us as well. As the game progresses, we keep an eye on what’s happening and we adjust the script to the needs of the players.

I want to take part in the game. What should I do?


Create your character.

There are two ways to do that:  

  • You can sign up via the form (which we encourage). Afterwards you will be contacted by our Game Master to discuss your ideas and point you to the mechanics needed to make them reality.
  • You can also create a character before arriving to the event, without using the sign up form first, but in that case we will not be able to adjust your character to requirements of the game mechanics, and playing special characters (such as mutants or cyborgs) will not be possible.


Come to OldTown.

  • Register in the Vault 801 (Info Point)
  • If you used the character sign up form beforehand, you will receive a starter pack and fill in some final parameters in your character sheet.
  • If you didn’t sign up your character before, you go through the process of character creation in the Info Point (you need to give a name, goal and motivation of your character, then you draw a random starter pack).


Take part in the preparations.

On the first day you make yourself at home in your camp and take part in the roleplaying and mechanics workshops. The LARP starts in the evening.



OldTown LARP lasts for 4 days, 24 hours a day. From the beginning to the end of the game you stay in character (outside of designated offgame areas).


We encourage players to create a multi-dimensional character that can actively take part in the game. We gladly help in creating plot twists or events specially for your character. Often we also create plotlines with specific characters (that were signed up beforehand) in mind, in which players can get involved or not, according to their preferences.

We reserve the right not to fulfill some requests or ideas if they don’t fit the game setting or they generate too many complications. The level of our involvement in individual character backstories depends on the involvement of players and the number of sign up forms we receive.


Every year more and more people take part in our game - both veteran larpers and newbies. We want to make the game accessible to both, so we prepared three levels of rules (each one is supplementary to the previous one):

THE BASICS - a few basic rules of conduct for the game,

Game CORE MECHANICS - main mechanics of the game,

ADVANCED MECHANICS – if you want to produce chemicals, become a doctor or play some other specialisation in the game, you have to know at least part of these rules.

Podział ten pomoże Ci w stopniowym zapoznaniu się z regułami LARPa. Od każdego gracza oczekujemy znajomości PODSTAWOWYCH ZAŁOŻEŃ GRY oraz MECHANIKI CORE.


Factions and conglomerates

Organised groups of players that come to OldTown days before the LARP starts and build their camps. They have their own backstories, traditions, goals, leaders, allies and enemies. They co-create the game plot and have the biggest influence on it from a global viewpoint. Every faction is different, they have different costumes, ideas, roleplaying styles and so on. Factions create conglomerates - ingame unions of factions that give them more power and possibilities. 


Non-player characters, placed in the game by organisers to drive ingame events. They can play one specific character or constantly change roles. We also create NPC groups for special tasks (for example mutants) and work together with factions of players who decide to play as antagonists, raiders etc. We are open to cooperation and welcome everyone who would like to get involved in our game as NPCs.

Vault 801 / Crypt 801

The headquarters of SCHRON-BUD employees (organisers) and the place where you can get plot items. It serves as our Info Point – tu załatwisz sprawy dotyczące fabuły oraz bardziej prozaicznych aspektów imprezy.

Trade and economy

We introduce many plot items into the game: ingame currency (caps), various powders, syringes, electronics, ammunition, props etc. To manage them, we create game economy. Business-savvy characters can surely gain a fortune during one year, but it won’t be easy.

The IGOR system

Item identification and crafting system IGOR - computer system IGOR designed to manage the game; all over the town there are terminals which players can use to improve their skills, create plot items or powders and chemicals. Every player gains access to the system along with their game ID.

Safe weapons and ASG

OldTown LARP is not a battle or shooting game, but both safe weapons and airsoft guns (which can only be used outside the town) are allowed. Fights, shootings and hunting are part of the game world.


The area outside of town, full of dangers. The only place where the use of ASG is allowed. Everyone who leaves the town is obligated to put on eye protection goggles.

The town outside of the Season of Arrivals…

...becomes empty. That doesn’t mean it stops living. The town has its inhabitants, and many factions and conglomerates have their outposts, commanded outside of the season by skeleton crews. The story continues, and we recount what happened during the time “in between”. Until the next Season of Arrivals.