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A couple of words about what you can expect from our game.
Get to know the LARP engine and the most important rules.
Find out how the LARP storyline is created and how you can contribute to it.

What is OldTown LARP?

Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is a game where you take on the role of your character and act in a real, physical world. Both the player characters and the setting of the world adhere to a certain convention – in our case, Earth post-nuclear annihilation. The plot, which takes place over several days of game-play, is a resultant of the ideas of our Game Masters, the threads introduced by Conglomerates and Factions, and the countless decisions of individual player characters. It is a specific game that cannot be won but can be enjoyed. Just like when reading a fascinating book – the satisfaction comes from the emotions and learning about an interesting plot, not from reaching the last page. The difference is that in a LARP you co-create the plot. In short: OldTown is a LARP set in the post-apocalyptic world, lasting non-stop for four days.

Game vision

OldTown, as the largest post-apocalyptic LARP in Europe, offers an ideal environment for post-apocalypse fans from all over the world. During the game, we create a multidimensional space where everyone can express themselves in their favourite style and vibe. We offer players a mixture of different LARP formats (from Nordic and Anglo-Saxon, through action LARP and parol LARP, to the occasional chamber LARP). Both fans of immersive role-playing based on discretionary mechanics and those who prefer parameters and precisely defined simulation rules feel at home with us. The vision of OldTown changes dynamically. Every year we test new ideas, examine the effects, make improvements. Changeability is a part of this event’s nature. Due to the theme of total post-apocalypse our game is aimed towards adults – we don’t censor it, so it can be brutal. At the same time, it is full of humour. It is a game full of contrasts. OldTown also doesn’t have a strictly defined scenario. Although we prepare the main plotline, which opens and closes the LARP, it is up to the players whether they engage in it or it becomes only a distant background for their story. The OldTown LARP, because of its sandbox formula and long game time, is a very unique kind of LARP. You, as a participant, will immerse yourself in this post-apocalyptic world and have the opportunity to experience dozens of different events, interact with the characters filling this world, and create your own path.

Game theme

At the OldTown LARP, we want to tell a story about the crisis of humanity. This crisis has many aspects. Little has been learnt from the events of the Great War, further conflicts arise from the incompatibility of goals and interests of various groups of people. People after the apocalypse live in different conditions – some have an almost pre-war standard of living – they have the chance to benefit from a resurgent education, don’t have to worry about food, and focus on researching the technologies of the past. Others have to fight every day for basic resources, and by losing themselves in this, they lose their humanity. Economic inequalities lead to violent conflicts. In OldTown, all these problems come into focus during the Season of Arrivals.

What is the story of the OldTown LARP?

First of all, it is the local story of a town – an oasis in the Wastelands, where once a year the Season of Arrivals takes place. A small settlement inhabited by a few hundred people, it is rather empty during most of the year. This is where the participant’s character will end up – right on the sun-drenched streets of the town, at the very beginning of the Season of Arrivals. “The Hole”, on the other hand, is a small settlement that was established several years ago on the ruins of buildings located near OldTown on the initiative of a local businessman.

Visual side

If you look through the eyes of the player character at what’s around you, it’s not an uplifting sight. Most people dress in whatever they can find and sew together from scraps of random materials. The vehicles, which still run a little, show signs of decay and bear the mark of repeated repairs. The buildings are reminiscent of slums from before the Great War – they are made from the remnants of the world-which-was, so they are characterised by the utility and incredible inventiveness of the designers. In this world, nobody cares about the aesthetics – if something works, it serves its purpose. Few advanced machines or devices catch the eye, stand out with their uniqueness and exoticism…

Of course, the players and organisers care about the aesthetic side – very much so! For years we have been trying to raise the visual level together with the participants of the biggest post-apocalyptic LARP in Europe. Players outdo each other in creating costumes, cars, and armour, and every year Conglomerates erect breathtaking buildings, sometimes as if taken out of a movie set.


A lot can happen during an exciting game for 1000 people. Most situations – desirable and not necessarily – are governed by the Mechanics and Event regulations. Below you will also find some absolutely basic guidelines, the compliance with which will ensure that we all have as good a time as possible.

Five Golden Rules

I. One does not simply win a LARP - PLAY IT FOR THE PLOT!

  • Play to tell the most interesting story using your character – to others and yourself!
  • It’s fun to have a lot of caps, but it’s better to have shivers while participating in an interesting, moving scene.
  • The LARP continues without interruption – you take on your role for nearly 100 hours. You rest in the areas designated for it (and in your own tent). Odpoczywasz w strefach do tego przeznaczonych (oraz we własnym namiocie).
  • A LARP is a game of imagination. It is a theatre in which the players are simultaneously actors and spectators. Its aim is not to “win the game”, but to play out interesting scenes and to trigger adventures. The main thing is to let yourself be carried away by the events.


  • In every situation, remember that the other players and NPCs are people who, just like you, came here because they are into the post-apocalypse.
  • Respect others and don’t be an asshole.
  • Don’t kill other players’ characters without a clear plot reason. Killing other characters out of boredom or lack of an idea for an interesting action is just being an asshole.

III. It’s just a game – PUT SAFETY FIRST!

  • Actual safety is more important than even the best role-playing scenes. We all want to go home healthy after the LARP.
  • Always think about your safety and the safety of others.
  • If something happens that concerns you, contact the organisers and we will respond immediately. For help, you can go to the InfoPoint, ask the Game Masters or members of the event staff. You can also call one of the emergency numbers.
  • If you see someone failing to behave in a fair manner, report the matter to the Organisers. Do not discuss it during the game.


  • Your character is not you. No one seriously wants to insult, cheat or hurt you.
  • If you need a break from the game go to a designated area. In the in-game area do not spoil others’ fun by talking about off-game topics.
  • Some areas in OldTown are marked OFFGAME (backstage area, sanitary and gastro area, car parks, and technical roads) – there is no game going on here.
  • Offgame communication is also possible in emergencies (e.g. medical assistance) and places designated for this purpose.

V. You can interrupt the game any time - “BASTA”.

  • If the actions of other players (player) towards you are “too hard” and cause you to lose your sense of comfort, you can say “BASTA”, which immediately stops the game.
  • BASTA allows you to leave the scene altogether or to have a quick chat about the reason why you are uncomfortable with the situation.
  • You can find out more about using “BASTA” in the Game Mechanics.
  • Please report serious violations of the Rules to the Organisers.


Every year, more and more participants come to our game – both experienced LARPers and newcomers. We want to provide everyone with realistic game-play, therefore we present three levels of rules (each next one is complementary to the previous one). Each player is expected to know the FIVE GOLDEN RULES and the CORE MECHANICS.

General rules of conduct during the LARP.

The games main mechanics.

Mechanics for players who want to produce chemicals, build a workshop, become doctors, storyline, or perform another speciality during the LARP. Coming soon!


OldTown LARP has a formula similar to sandbox games. We give the players access to a rich world, and they decide what they want to do in it. And although we prepare the main storyline, which opens and closes the LARP, it is up to the players whether they get involved in it or it becomes just a distant background to their story. We encourage the building of intense relationships between both players and their groups.

Be a part of the world!

A distinctive advantage of our LARP is its openness to the player initiative. To a large extent, the participants create the scenario of the game. They, themselves or with our help, invent their roles and can directly influence the events outlined in the scenario. We want to work closely with the players, so we strongly encourage you to submit characters, plot threads, quests, and groups. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you fit and set your ideas in the OldTown universe, and then together we’ll tell the story of the post-apocalyptic town and its surroundings.


If you are coming to OldTown with a small group of friends with whom you intend to play together, there is no need to notify us. However, if you would like to build a camp and get heavily involved in the storyline or quests not only for yourself but also for others, you can start a faction. Each faction must belong to a district. Conglomerates (or districts) are organised by players and by the organisers, and you can apply to join a conglomerate (if you don’t already belong to one) via the application form below.


If you are coming to OldTown with a small group of friends with whom you intend to play together, there is no need to notify us. However, if you would like to build a camp and get heavily involved in the storyline or quests not only for yourself but also for others, you can start a faction. Each faction must belong to a district. Conglomerates (or districts) are organised by players and by the organisers, and you can apply to join a conglomerate (if you don’t already belong to one) via the application form below.

What do you gain by coming to a LARP as a faction?

  • A faction receives a plot of land in the INGAME zone for the plot-related construction (within your own district).
  • Factions can communicate directly with the organisers through a dedicated Facebook channel (access is granted to the faction coordinator), where, in addition to information on development and construction schedules, story elements can be consulted; plot-related previews are also published.
  • For the faction coordinators, consultations on matters of the story and construction are organised via a dedicated Discord channel.
  • The faction is given the opportunity to order various types of materials (e.g. wood from the local sawmill), which will be delivered directly to the venue for you.
  • You will also have the opportunity to connect to the electricity network, provided by the organisers, free of charge.
  • Factions also get the special privilege of cleaning up their area after the event (demolishing buildings, cleaning up rubbish)… OK, it’s not a privilege, it’s a duty.

How to submit a faction?

  • To apply as a faction, you only need a minimum of 5 people, one of whom you appoint as coordinator.
  • As a faction, you must also present your story concept – what are your special qualities, what do your characters do, etc. In order to distinguish your faction from other groups in the post-apocalyptic world, it is recommended to think about it carefully and to take care of appropriate visual identification (costumes, logo).
  • Fill in the form below. The organisers will respond to every application sent by 25.04.2021. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee this for applications sent after this date.
  • If you have any doubts – contact us at contact@oldtownfestival.net or via our Facebook profile.



A Conglomerate is an association of factions that occupy an assigned city district. Each Conglomerate must contain at least three factions. The Conglomerate appoints its own coordinator, who shoulders the alignment of all groups (factions) and works closely with the OldTown organisers – both on purely administrative and plot-related topics. The Conglomerate can also appoint a deputy coordinator.

Co zyskujecie powołując Konglomerat?

  • Impact on shaping the plot of the LARP. The Conglomerate Coordinators are invited to special game plot development meetings held throughout the year. The meetings discuss the plot and organisational solutions related to the course of the LARP. The meetings are held both in groups and individually.
  • Signing up as a Conglomerate will give you the opportunity to contact the organisers through a dedicated Facebook group. There, apart from information about the development of the terrain or the schedule of construction works, you will be able to order various types of materials (e.g. wood straight from the sawmill), which will be delivered straight to the venue of the event.
  • The organisers will provide a free electricity connection for the Conglomerates to build a public space for all the festival participants.
  • Each Conglomerate will have a designated organiser to provide content support during the season and direct contact during the event.
  • We know how much work it takes to coordinate a large team, so if your application is accepted, you will receive 2 free passes – for the coordinator and their deputy.
  • Remember that after the event we will require you to clean up your area (dismantling structures, taking out the rubbish, etc).

Setting up a Conglomerate is a real big deal. It’s very rewarding, but it also involves a lot of work on the story-line, construction, player quests, coordination of various factions, etc. If you want to create a conglomerate – email us at contact@oldtownfestival.net and the relevant organiser will contact you to discuss the details and possibilities.


Frakcja to minimum pięciu graczy, których postacie łączy wspólny cel. Poza koniecznością (i przywilejem) należenia do jednego z Konglomeratów, macie możliwość znacznego współtworzenia fabuły larpa. Poniższy formularz pomoże nam zacząć wspólną pracę nad włączeniem Waszej grupy w tegoroczną opowieść!

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