A brief guide to OldTown


Can I take part in the LARP if I'm under 18?

Unfortunately not. Only people who are of legal age on the day the LARP starts are allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule - regardless of the permission of the guardian.

I have an accreditation, but it turns out I can't come. Will I get my money back?

We do not reimburse money for purchased accreditations. You can give it to someone else or sell it - accreditations are not registered to names.

Can I come before the official start?

You can come to the event site at any time. The LARP starts on Sunday evening (19th July), but many participants come to us throughout the weekend before the event. The organisers and the more courageous ones are in OldTown a week before the event. The OT CAMP Zone and the Denis Estate will be open to participants with the appropriate accreditations from July 17 (Friday).

What's the difference between OldTown LARP and the Weekend in OldTown?

These are two separate events are taking place right after each other.

  • OldTown LARP is a closed field game that takes place from 19th to 23rd July.

  • The Weekend in OldTown is an open-air event that takes place on 24 and 25 July.

Accreditation for OldTown LARP 2020 allows for free participation in the Weekend in OldTown (which can be treated as a two-day afterparty, we encourage you to celebrate together!). We are conducting a separate sale of tickets for the Weekend in OldTown for those who do not participate in the game.

Getting there

Where is OldTown?

OldTown is located on the vast area of an abandoned airport in Kluczewo on the outskirts of Stargard (Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship), in an amazing place far from civilisation.

How to get to OldTown via car?

Just enter these coordinates into your Pip-Boy 53.264934, 14.969466 or drive into Tański Street in Stargard, and then - from the place where civilisation ends - follow the signposts prepared by us.

How to get to OldTown via public transport?

  1. Get to Stargard first:
    a) BY TRAIN – most of the railway routes from central and southern Poland run through Stargard; moreover, Stargard can be quickly reached by train from Szczecin (runs approximately every 15 minutes)
    b) BY PLANE – The nearest airports are in Berlin (150km), Poznan (180km) or Szczecin Goleniów (40km). It is easy to get from Berlin to Szczecin by Flixbus, from Goleniów it will be the easiest to take a train. In Szczecin you should change to a train to Stargard (runs every few minutes). From Poznań you will find direct train connections to Stargard.
  2. Next get from Stargard to the event area:
    a) BY TAXI – You give the driver the magic password "OldTown" and in a quarter of an hour you reach the place for about 30 PLN (phone +48 91 578 33 33).
    b) BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT – you choose the city bus 8, 19, 20 or 28 and take it to the last stop " Śniadeckiego / Tańskiego". Then you follow the arrows on the road.

LARP tab

I've never been to a LARP before. Can I come?

Of course! OldTown is a place that's friendly to both experienced LARPers and laymen. Before the game we organise an introductory workshop on history and game mechanics. During the event, you can consult with the organisers at any time at the infopoint (crypt 801) or through emergency numbers. Before the event it is worth to join the numerous OldTown discussion groups and subscribe to the newsletter, which serves as an OldTown guide.

What do I have to do to take part in the LARP?

It's easy! Buy a ticket and come to our town during the Time of Arrivals. You can read about what awaits you on the spot and what you should prepare before your arrival on our website in tabs take part LARP tab. Also, make sure to get acquainted with the game mechanics.

Do I have to have my own outfit?

Yes, every participant of OldTown LARP is required to have an outfit in a post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Don't be afraid, its preparation is not difficult! Torn pants, ripped t-shirts, goggles, hats, everything is worn and dirty to emphasize the hardships of living in the post-war wastelands - you are limited in creating your outfit only by your own imagination. We recommend our profile on Instagram to find inspiration.

Don't you feel up to creating something yourself? You want to dress up glamorously, but don't know how to get into it? Buy a ticket together with a ready-made outfit - the Wasted Couture professional company will take care of your image.

Do I need to know the plot of previous editions of the LARP?

No, but we encourage you to read the materials available on our website and OTwiki. If your character arrives in OldTown for the first time, the lack of knowledge of the plot is justified. Many players will be happy to share their knowledge and experience from previous editions of the LARP itself.

Can I not LARP during the LARP?

Yes and no. The game lasts continuously from the official opening to the official closing, and you are required to play your character at this time. Only designated areas such as private tents, toilets and showers (where you can rest from playing) and emergency situations (e.g. providing medical assistance or organisational information) are excluded from the game. Don't you want to leave the game? No problem. Don't stop playing even while performing activities such as the morning toilet, going to the lake or contacting the organizers.

Are you worried that you will not be able to break through and play your character convincingly? Don't be! There are so many LARP participants that before you get into your role, you can blend in with the crowd and gradually get used to the OldTown world. Start, then it will get easier.

Can I use the fire/pyrotechnics?

No. Only organizers and persons designated by them may use pyrotechnics.

Do I have to get ASG and safe melee weapons?

No, on the contrary! If your character's story does not require it, we encourage you to leave your replicas at home - even in the post-apocalyptic world not everyone runs around armed. Without a replica or melee weapon you won't have any less fun. Fighting is only an addition to our game, not its central axis.

What do I need to know about the rules of the game and how to play the character?

All the rules are in the mechanics. Please also take a look at the LARP tab, to learn more about the game world and its basic principles.

Can I bring my own ammunition?

Only accredited pellets of a special colour (which we change every year) are allowed in the game.


Where will I sleep? Do I have to take my own tent?

You sleep where you want to sleep. Most of the participants take a tent with them and the groups coming to us build their own camps. But there is nothing to prevent you from sleeping in a hut or just under the open sky.

Want to spend OldTown more comfortably? Have more room for yourself and enjoy a range of facilities? Buy an accreditation extended with an accommodation option - you and your crew can rent a cabin with facilities or a trailer. Please note that it is not possible to rent a tent on site.

Check out our accommodation offer

What do I need to take with me?

Necessary equipment:

  • post-apocalyptic outfit

  • eye protection (goggles)

  • ID

Recommended equipment:

  • durable boots

  • if you're sleeping in a tent, the accessories to make it "postapo" (e.g. masking net, which can be placed on the dome of the tent), camping equipment (sleeping bag, foam mat) and equipment necessary for meal preparation (cutlery, bowl, mess kit)

  • protection against rain (raincoat, baton) and sun (something to cover your head, sunscreen)

How big is the game area?

450 ha

Will there be showers and toilets on the event site?

Yes, there are field showers and portable toilets available in the larp area. These can be used for free.

Can I take my dog?

No, you cannot take your dog or other animals with you for safety reasons. During the event it can be really loud (concerts, pyrotechnics).

Where can I eat?

Our bar offers drinks and small snacks, besides that there is a barbecue and a few smaller points that serve a variety of meals.

Any questions?