For several weeks now, the attention of the whole world has been focused on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 illness it causes. As the organisers of OldTown, we have been following the current information coming to us from the media and reports available on the Internet. We are also in contact with the West Pomeranian branch of the National Sanitary Inspectorate. 

In Poland, a state of epidemiological emergency applies until further notice. The borders have been covered by a sanitary cordon, domestic and international flights have been suspended. Foreigners are not allowed to enter the country. A ban on meetings of over 50 people has been issued, schools, universities, galleries and cultural institutions are closed. At the moment it is not possible to predict how long this state will last.

Prace nad oceną bieżących wydarzeń oraz analizą możliwych scenariuszy doprowadziła nas do podjęcia decyzji: na ten moment plany realizacji OldTown Larp i Weekend w OldTown nie podlegają żadnym zmianom. Świadomi, że ze względu na swoją specyfikę, obie imprezy wymagają w tej sytuacji szczególnie ostrożnego podejścia. Pracujemy więc nad planami awaryjnymi, w tym możliwością przesunięcia ich terminów. Będziemy nadal monitorować sytuację i tak szybko, jak to będzie możliwe, opublikujemy kolejny komunikat dotyczący działań i planów Stowarzyszenia OldTown.

Please send any questions to and to our Facebook inbox. Soon we will launch a Discord channel, which will become an additional form of contact for all people interested in OldTown, both as a place for free talks for the Participants and a space for exchanging messages with the Organisers.

We are counting on your common sense. Stay safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones and remember to take the recommended precautions.