OldTown LARP

Zmiana terminu imprezy!

The largest post-apocalyptic LARP in the world. Four day long field game for 1000 participants. A spectacular outdoor event. For the 16th time we invite visitors from Poland and abroad. Come to the abandoned airport in Stargard. Have a taste of life after the fallout. Meet new people and create yourself anew. Play, have fun, survive.

OldTown is a town built on the ruins of civilisation - detailed settings, costumes, props and exciting events. Passing through the entrance gate, you leave everyday life behind. See what awaits you there.

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Why go into the game and what do you need to start? Find out what you'll be doing in OldTown.


Don't want to sleep in a tent? Rent a cottage in the Dennis District or a caravan.

Let us dress you

Don't you have the time or the desire to create an impressive outfit? Get help. You can borrow it from us!


Stay up to date. The Newsletter is your guide to the world of OldTown. It will introduce you to the town, clear your doubts, remind you of important dates and upcoming events.


Join us on social media. OldTown is a rich community of post-apocalypse fans from Poland and abroad. We discuss, support newcomers and share our inspirations. 


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OldTown Larp is a fan cultural initiative organised by the OldTown Association of Organisers of Simulations and Field Games.

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