Character Form 

In order to transition yourself into your role better at the beginning of OldTown LARP, it’s well advised to plan your character beforehand. The form we’ve prepared will help you answer the most important questions about the person you will become in the post-apocalyptic world. Remember – an overly complicated character can make the game exhausting for you. The most important thing is to feel good in your role!

And for us, your character form is a priceless tool which enables us to fit the game according to your needs. We guarantee that every form will be read and analysed, and if something is unclear or doesn’t exactly comply with the Polish Postapocalyptic Universe, we will contact you asking for a more detailed description of your idea, so that we can help you make it happen!



  • Sending the Form is mandatory if you want to take part in the LARP and use all of the tools prepared for you (such as skills and professions)
  • The Form is necessary to continue a character from previous editions of the game
  • Don’t wait until the last moment! The closer to OldTown, the busier the organizers will be, and right before the LARP they might not even have the time to read your form consider it thoroughly. Do what you can to send the Form no later than a week after purchasing your accreditation!
  • If you don’t send your Form, there will be a surprise waiting for you at the beginning of the LARP: your character can be wanted by authorities, suffering from radiation, ill or handicapped in some other way. Thanks to such an intense start you might be able to come up with a character you want to play a bit faster, while also making some valuable liaisons or start your first quest!
  • If you have any questions, the organizers will be glad to help. Contact us at
  • Your Character Form is the beginning of your adventure! Talk to your friends, maybe together you will come up with interesting plot or relationships for your characters.



(Character Form)

<brThe purpose of the Form:</br

Part one – personal information

Information required to assign the character to the specific participant.

Part two – continuation of the character

Applies only to those who continue their character from the previous years. It allows us to input your character’s skills, items and professions to the IGOR system, making it possible for your character to use them.

Part three – character’s description

Allows us to fit your character and their history into the OldTown universe, to make your participation in the larp more awesome and fulfilling.

Thank you for your cooperation. We assure you we read every form we receive.