Character Form 

The character form we present to you is, most importantly, a tool to make it easier for you to participate in OldTown larp in an as fulfilling and satisfying way as possible. It will also make it possible for us to design a high quality game. We understand that filling out forms can be difficult for some, but we assure you it’s worth it.


To begin with, here are 8 rules:

  1. Filling out the form is obligatory for everyone who wants to participate in the larp, using the larp mechanics, professions, skills and bonuses as prepared by us, and most importantly, to continue a character from previous years.
  2. You have to fill out the form within A WEEK AFTER SALES OF YOUR BATCH OF ACCREDITATIONS ENDS (the batch in which you bought your accreditation).
  3. Sending the completed form will be possibly only with the code you received with the confirmation of the accreditation purchase.
  4. A designated organizer will contact you within 14 days of receiving the form to confirm and accept your character form. We reserve the right to extend that time, especially near the deadline of sending the forms.
  5. Failing to send the form will result in receiving a significant handicaps at the start of the game that will put your character in an unfavourable position in the beginning, such as being pursued by law enforcement, poisoned, suffering from radiation etc. The handicap will be designated to the character by the organisers.
  6. Those who don’t will receive an e-mail reminder from us and another 30 days to send the form. HOWEVER, if you miss the first deadline, your character will receive a PENALTY. If you miss the second deadline too, you will be assigned a randomly generated character.
  7. All questions related concerning the character form should be sent to
  8. Sending the form does not mean organisers’ acceptance of all concepts included in it!



(Character Form)

The purpose of the Form:

Part one – personal information

Information required to assign the character to the specific participant.

Part two – continuation of the character

Applies only to those who continue their character from the previous years. It allows us to input your character’s skills, items and professions to the IGOR system, making it possible for your character to use them.

Part three – character’s description

Allows us to fit your character and their history into the OldTown universe, to make your participation in the larp more awesome and fulfilling.

Thank you for your cooperation. We assure you we read every form we receive.