Character Form 

The form that is presented to you is first and foremost an instrument for us to give you the best and fullest Oldtown experience. We are aware that some of you may dislike it, so we would like to explain why it is good to fill the form and how to do it, to make our job easier, by giving you tips which information serves what purpose and what we gain from it.

To begin with some technical tips:
– filling this form is not mandatory, you can still participate without submitting it
– code of the ticket purchase is required for us to review the submitted form
– submitting a form correctly will result in an automatic confirmation mail
– person responsible will contact you only when your submitted form will demand any additional clarifications
– we encourage you to buy a ticket as early as possible to fill the form quickly, which will grants us more time to respond and you a better chance of personal contact with us
– in case of any problems please contact us via
– there may be some mistakes on our side but hey, we are only human
– submitting a form is not an automatic acceptance for all of your ideas


What is for what:

1. Personal data
No need to explain, give us info so we can contact you.
2. Old Character
We take all of the forms and we make a chart to see how many (percentage wise) new characters there will be and how many will carry on from previous editions. Such info allows us to build a screenplay accordingly, because there is a difference in screenplay for new characters and old ones with solid background.
3. Profession
Submitting a profession, allow us to plan how much stuff we must prepare to balance crafting and economy. It is also a way to control factions and people, not only to give them work to do, but to prevent over-representation.
4. Items
Again, economy, tell us what you get and let us plan. Moreover we are not able to have a grip of all the items and their locations, so by giving us info you make our life easier and even in some extreme cases of rare items we can even make some changes in the plotline.
5. Acquired skills, continued professions
Simple enough, if you won’t submit a quest you have completed that gave you resistance to radiation, you won’t have it. During Oldtown we will be far too busy to pay attention to such details so we will simply deny them. On the other hand submitting a quest you are in the middle of, allows us to support you with it.
6. Character history
This is most important to fill for players. By putting this in the form we would like you to stop for a second a give a thought to your character. Where he or she comes from? What is his/her name? Why he or she comes to OldTown? What drives the character? What are his or her motives? If you ask those question early on, playing your character during the larp will be so much easier and will boost overall larp experience not only for you but for all people around.
7. Idea for a quest or an event
Lots of you probably have a thought “Damn, I’ve got an awesome quest idea”, so here you go, give it to us. But we have to ask first, think it through, who will it be addressed to, what are the basic principles it serves, how it will go and how it will end, what will be the gains for you or other people and do you really need our help with it? Remember that most of the quests, say “Go take part in the caravan” you can plan and do without our intervention (and we encourage you to do it on your own). We trust you to be adults and don’t flood us with proposition like “I want to do … give it to me” but rather approach the subject with respect to our and your time. In addition we would like to point that quests you do for others are more likely to meet with our acknowledgement.
8.Your ticket number.
Only forms with a valid number will be taken under consideration.

Thank you the cooperation and we would like to ensure that we read every single form.


Faction Form 

Filling the following form should only be done by a person that is to be faction coordinator – the one that is going to work with us on giving his faction tasks and plotlines. Being accepted as a faction is based on two conditions:

  1. Group of players must be ready to provide quests for others, be it their own or given by us.
  2. Group of players must have their own encampment that meets our requirements (say it must fit the post-apocalyptic look of the city)

Submitting this form before 30 april 2018 r. will guarantee our response.