ASG transport

We are aware of problems which ASG transport throught the border may accure. That’s why we prepared information useful in this case.
1. ASG is not a firearm.


Firearms And Ammunition Act, May 21th 1999
Chapter 1
Art. 8. By the meaning of the Act, pneumatic weapons is device dangerous to life or health, which as a result of the compressed gas is capable of firing a projectile from the barrel element or replacing it and thus capable of destruction to the distance, and the kinetic energy of the bullet leaving the barrel or item in lieu more than 17 J.

Fire power in ASG replica is less than 17 J, that means it is not a weapon. In case of trouble, refere to Firearms And Ammunition Act, Art. 8


2. Transport of ASG replicas throught the Polish border is permitted.

By the meaning of the Act mentioned perviously, ASG is not a weapon, but the replica of weapon. However, you’d better inform Custom Service earlier about replica in case. Do it before they start to check out your luggage. This way you would avoid accusations of being terrorist.


3. Take care of proper case do transport your replica.

Is it airport or any public place, open presentation of weapon is not seen nicely. To avoid unnecessary complications, pack your replica into proper case.
Moreover, we suggest to keep replica unloaded, locked, with magazines packed separately.


We hope you won’t face any problems on the border.

In case of any trouble with police and transport – call OldTown line +48 577 256 196

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