OldTown Art

We are pleased to announce an art competition for all creative wastelanders who will visit OldTown this year!
We invite cartoonists, painters, photographers, welders and woodcutters, and all other artists with a hunger for fame and immortality, to attend.
The subject, that artworks have to refer to, is „HEGEMONE”. You can choose a technique – the only condition is the possibility of physical presentation at OldTown art show.
Mateusz Twardoch from Dream Frames, Piotr Bardo from Bardo Photography and Piotr Charytoniuk making up the jury, will look at the creativity and skills of participants. References to the post-apocalyptic aesthetics and subject of the competition seen in the works will have a big part in the verdict.
Among all of the honoured works we will reward the three best and finish the contest with an art show all the finalists, which will take place during OldTown Festival on Monday, July 18 at the Arena. The event will begin with Piotr ‘Charon’ Charytoniuk’s performance, and a bar run by Alcochemists faction will guarantee a nice atmosphere after artistic ecstasies.
In addition, the awarded works will be on display in the Gallery we will create on the festival’s website.
Only photos of works posted in this event’s page with #OldTownArt in the description, till July 6 inclusive, can be recognize as taking part in competition.

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