Accreditation admits you to participate in the cultural even OldTown Festival 2018 is, to stay in the space, scenography and buildings destined for the game, and use the in-game objects, prepared by the organizers.

Accreditation prices
65 € –
from 24 of January to 30th of March 2018
90 € –
from 31st of March to 29th of June 2018

End of accreditations
23:59 29th of June 2018

Accreditatons’ number
950 units

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Plot introduction

The Third World War has laid waste to the world over forty years ago. In the ruins of Polish cities obliterated by the atomic blast people huddle together in groups called Factions, in order to cultivate religion, politics, culture, regain pre-war technology, or simply- take care of one another in this hostile world. Everything here brings death: mutants’ claws, bullets from the gangsters’ guns, radiation emanating from a harmless-looking pond… In this dreary reality there is one safe haven. Sooner or later every wanderer will wind up there.

The Season of Arrivals 2117 was really difficult for OldTown. Although, just like every year, there was noise, bloodspill and chaos, the city is still stanting. Even the municipal militia known as CAD and the habitants of the worst district – Czeska Street – have come to some kind of agreement. The astronauts, saved from a broken space capsule, have turned out to be a source of vast knowledge. The nearby settlement – Crossroads (Rozdroże) – has forgiven the murder of their ambassador after the criminal had been found and captured. As a reward for seizuring the murderer they have provided with a holodisc, which can cut down on IGOR’s arbitrary intelligence, for a better control over him. The City Council, though, decided it is not necessary for now.

Another Season of Arrivals awaits ahead. As every year, it will be a time of trade, fun and games for OldTown. But the experience of the years before alarms that it will not go trouble-free…

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You create your own character, their looks, personality, strengths and weaknesses. Dozens of existing factions and groups allows you to select the company that best suits your beliefs and goals. Nothing stands in the way to play a lone wasteland warrior. In addition, you can submit your character form  for its fate to be incorporated into the larp’s plotline.


Beyond 40 unique locations spread on the abandoned airfield area of over 450 hectares, waiting for exploration and filled with tasks for the players. Here, at the time of LARP, a town is created straight from the post-apocalyptic movie. Players can expand it by creating camps, watchtowers, shops and workshops. Non-linear nature of the storyline allows participants to choose tasks that interest them most at the time, for which they have 100 hours of a role-playing game, running day and night.


Pyrotechnics, smoke, lasers, lights and many more – all that allows us to create many events worth remembering. The post-apocalyptic city, built from scratch before the game consist not only faction camps, but also lit streets, service stands and municipal buildings such as the town hall and a hospital. In the city you will meet many colourful NPCs, dressed in themed costumes and outside its borders all sorts of monsters and other enemies.



Every year a few spots are risen in OldTown, where you can head for a party in the evening. The participants themselves prepare bars which serve drinks, play live music, organize dance performances and other attractions, to provide fun for each other. The center of the night life is still HOMe the bar, where parties last until the morning light.


OldTown Arena will be continuously filled with adrenaline, not only during the LARP – post-apocalyptic sports like Jugger, gladiator fights, Prize Fighters boxing and post-apo Strongman will provide entertainment. For people who prefer less direct form of competition among other things, prepare cap throwing tournament, shooting competition and the great post-apocalyptic knowledge competition.




Before the game will conduct several workshops in which every player, regardless of their LARP experience, will be able to learn all about the LARP and dispel their doubts. We will discuss, among other things LARP mechanics and principles of first aid. There will also be art and crafting workshops where you can seek advice from recognized artists and creators of post-apo costumes and create something special from them.


We provide logistics and transport, so that we can supply the area of the game with everything from in-game loots to building materials, as well as fuel for vehicles and generators. On site of the festival there are also sanitary facilities, consisting of among others, showers and toilets. Over the safety of participants the team of organizers, paramedics and security is watching round the clock.