The heat of the Arena

Do you feel like challenging someone to a fight at the OldTown Arena? Or do you prefer to just sit in the bleachers and enjoy the show?

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Jugger is a spectacular team sport inspired by the movie “The Blood of Heroes”. Strategy, speed and agility are the key, but bashing the opponents with safe weapons is also important. Everything to grab the skull and place it in the opposing team’s car tire. Do you want to see it for yourself? Come to the OldTown Arena! During the festival there are tournament matches of the Polish Jugger League. If you feel like it you can join the game and see for yourself how tough it is. Gladiator duels and boxing on the Arena is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain fame, glory and make women swoon. Or get beaten. Sweaty men with their bodies gleaming in the spotlights. Blood, sweat and tears. Just an average day at the OldTown Arena.

Dance to the wasteland’s beat

The core of fun is good music. At OldTown after a three day larp there are three more days of partying with live music! Sounds great, eh? You’ll have no time for sleep.

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Outdoor gigs taste like summer. What would a festival do without them? No need to wonder – OldTown evenings are filled with great music. We will rock the airfield. Once the larp ends, you’ll moshing under the stage in no time. The atmospheric bands will make you go crazy, but save some energy for later. You might want to bounce to the beats of DJs who will take the wheel after the last riff goes silent. Industrial rythms can wake the deadest of ghouls. Dancing! They say dancing at OldTown is like nowhere else. Parties until dawn await you. There is no other way to describe it. You’ve got to experience it yourself!

Curtains up!

OldTown Festival gives you the possibility to discover the artist within you. Arts and crafts workshops will help you and theatrical performances will inspire you. Time to get creative!

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Theatrical performances are most likely the only occasion to take a breather. Believe us when we say that after thee days of larping you will gladly be “just” a spectator. Enjoy the show. Applauding at the theatre, you’ll find yourself eager to applaud everone else for their larping roles. Perhaps you’ll realise that for the past couple of days YOU have been an actor too. Let your artistic desires loose and take part in some arts and crafts workshops. Let’s create something together! What will it be? You’ll find out soon. It might be a huge mural, or a sculpture. Or maybe a film? Let your imagination fly!