Trappers | OldTown Festival



Do you see that camp just outside city gates? Those guys are Trappers, best hunters, guides and pathfinders wasteland have to offer. They prefer nature, even mutated one, over humans and tend to keep to themselves. Ex Great Radscorpion worshippers, guns for hire or just common travelers … it does not matter, as long as you put your past behind and follow Trappers rules, you are welcome.

You can find them far and wide as wasteland goes – from bigger settlement, group out for quest to a single traveler.  You want to pass a message? Get safely to next settlement? Try yourself out hunting biggest game there is? On your own you are lost in matter of hours. Unless you ask Trapper for help.

They always come during Season of Arrivals – trade stories and goods, see old friends. They are one big family that gather once a year. They even organized hunts for deathclaws  that posed threat to the city. Though many perished, hunt itself was always successful and followed by a huge party.

How I know so much about them? It is simple, I’m one of them. But to be sure just visit us and see for yourself.