„I feel the fever of Thebes in my blood, and I know that I was born to live in the sunset of the world and that nothing matters, nothing, but what I see in your eyes.”

What is Myráge? Imagine an oasis in the midst of the nuclear wasteland. A sanctum of hope within the landscape of carnage, human waste, and chaos. It is a beacon of civilization – a sapling of humanity that struggles against the encroaching desert. It is the promise for every traveller of a safe welcome, where no weary wanderer is denied a sip of crystal clear water. Myráge is a little oasis in OldTown. It is a bazaar and a temple where the ancient Finnish religion has fused and merged together with Egyptian mythology and esthetics, where the symbol of the witch meets the key of life in death. Where the mysterious voice sings the songs of Arabian nights – where the Golden Family welcomes a tired traveler with a hot cup of spicy tea and stories of the ancient times. Myráge may be a dream, but in a dying world, it is a vision worth holding onto. Sit down on a magic carpet, turn the hourglass and enjoy our candle light. Seek to know the visions of the oracle, ask for a cure from the Predator Clinic or be charmed by a dancing performance. We are the pharaohs, the priests, the oracles. We are the family. We are Myráge.