Gasthouse is the first tavern at Oldtown. The city grows and new wasteland survivors come and go. Gasthouse provides an oasis to the weary wanderers of the wastes; here you can rest, refresh and hear the daily gossips. You can accommodate to the dorm quite cheaply or pay some extra for some privacy. Or maybe, just maybe you can afford our finest luxury; the Presidential Suite. We also got a well equipped laboratory and some of the finest chemists and engineers. Our customers can trust their property to our care, while exploring Oldtown or the surrounding wastes.


Gasthouse tries to keep out of gang wars, religious matters, and other silly nuisances as far as possible. We appreciate peaceful living, fair business and good relations to other merchants. The core of our personnel -Stuff- is taking care most of the tavern business and we recruit more crew when needed. We often got some freelance entertainers and merchants around our fireplace. At evenings there might be various entertainment, come to see it yourself!